tremaine gives us “print leakage” with a side of new music? (how dat sound?)

so tremaine is about to come hard.
that sounds very promising.
seriously tho,
new music seems to be in the forecast.
you know i enjoyed tf out of his last album,
i have this thing for concept albums.
see: marina and the diamonds, “electra heart”.
well when tremaine starts to work out heavy

you know an era is on the way.
this recent work out video with the crotch action tho…

no drawz tremaine?
i’ll allow it.
he has a new song called “how dat sound” feat. 2 chainz and yo gotti:

…which sounds like something the strip clubs will enjoy.
it’s okay.
sounds like his other filler-esque songs.

i hope he plans to come much harder.
i like this background track he was playing:

i’ll need another round of that with the facial please.

lowkey: i’m not even going to start on his nice butt.
and back.
he is a foxhole dream.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “tremaine gives us “print leakage” with a side of new music? (how dat sound?)”

  1. You all in here dissing my boy bout to get these hands.
    Workout looks great but he needs to make sure is diet is on point. Could be a little tighter and leaner. Still my man though.

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