Up Close In Trey Songz Crotch

tumblr_n2gvorw6nQ1reqhbzo2_250even tho trey songz can be a dumb ass,
i wouldn’t kick him out of bed.
i especially wouldn’t be mad if he and his big penis was this close to me…

i wonder if he would clobber me for looking?
because i would all in his crotch.

look at how he grabbed a nice chunk of that meat.
i know everyone is tired of him and his antics,
but he still turns me on reallllllll heavy.
in a perfect world i would be:

tumblr_nfiwj9aZhU1trpxklo1_400…and since everyone is tired if him,
there would be more than enough meat for me to enjoy.

lowkey: that chick is putting in work on that pipe.
you see that shit?
he look like he can’t even remember his own name.
we likes that.
thats when he needs to be reaching for that credit card.
a full nut means i deserve something pretty.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Up Close In Trey Songz Crotch”

  1. The dude in that gif is Ethan Hunt and I luvs him. If my penis suddenly turned into a vagina, he’d be the first I let in.

    Trey better hope old white thirsty gays don’t see this entry. As soon as they do, they’ll turn up front row in his audience ready to grab them sum dick. I’ve seen it happen to plenty of rappers. Some gays have no shame. I would never in my life ever think of doing that. I know better.

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