Love-Hip-Hop-Hollywood-Posterso it has arrived.
the #lhhhollywood reunion with our west coat ratchets.
i will admit that i didn’t watch the whole thing until recently.
i felt it was the most ratchet of them.
either way here is a sneak peak a scene between hazel e and moschino

Uhohi’m definitely gonna need hazel to come back harder than that.
although i’m hoping someone takes macaroon’s head off.
she is way too disrespectful.
anyway the reunion starts tomorrow night at 8pm!

lowkey: am i the only one disappointed in how this show made:

fizz…come off?
like fizz is pretty damn delusional and weak.
turned off much?

see more from the reunion: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “SNEAK PEAK: #LHHHollywood REUNION”

  1. Is Mona Scott ever going to cast anyone with the slightest bit of relevancy?

    She REALLY scraped the bottom of the barrel for Hollywood.

    1. Didn’t she? The paid ones aren’t going to reality TV though, so that plays a role. Face it Jay, these people on the show need checks, so when Mona calls they come running.

  2. I didn’t watch this one much at all. I’ve seen pieces here & there. I felt it was too fake. I know the other ones are but something about this one just didn’t interest me. Jocelyn is believable, these chicks on here seem to be trying too hard. These shows are finally starting to lose their luster. Mona will probably try revitalizing that reality show about a ratchet black sorority again.

    All the women on L&HH:H are mtf trans-licious. Face surgeries, horse-hair, & tit-implants galore.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t really get into this one, as stated above we all know these series are scripted but something about this one didn’t make it enjoyable. Everyone got in my nerves whenever I would try to get into it.

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