This Made Derrick Rose So Much Sexier

tumblr_nejtj7lzf81rty0sjo1_500ain’t nothing sexier than a baller wolf who is socially conscious.
that will get a pipe sucked in a heartbeat!
well derrick rose did just that.
well not get his pipe sucked,
but derrick did show support for the eric garner “i can’t breathe” protest…

knee pads now please.
i’ll be down here for a while.
no seriously tho i really love that kind of shit.
its sexy to see a wolf passionate about something other than a car.
or a watch.
or a boat.
or a spaceship.
you get the idea.
20 foxhole points for derrick.
check this disrespect tho:

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.56.19 PMtumblr_ls9p43hcRE1qanp2v( x read why he said that here )
i can’t even.

lowkey: he looks good with this new haircut he is rockin.
it frames his face and highlights his features.

*pictures credited to owners

6 thoughts on “This Made Derrick Rose So Much Sexier

  1. Okay. This is not my blog, so I’m going to endeavor to follow your instructions, “play nice”…and NOT say this the way it would be my first inclination to express myself.

    Now, I don’t know (or care) who Dan Bernstein is — I barely know who Derrick Rose is — but under the circumstances, and judging from both his last name and the photo that accompanies his post, Bernstein’s time would be MUCH more productively spent, addressing his attention, energies and comments to his friends, business associates and relatives who have created the situation about which Mr. Rose is expressing his concern. Failing that, he should feel free to have several seats…but, in observation of your ground rules, Jamari – I will refrain from saying where.

  2. I respeted that silent and LOUD statement he made. As forvthat asshole I will respond to him on twitter…fucker…he should keep his jewish ass quiet. If he thinks there isnt racism in the NBA he can wheel and come again.

  3. I like when athletes do stuff like that too. Like when Lebron & Wade paid homage to Trayvon back when it happened. That main pic you used of Derreck tho. He’s looking like UFO’s are descending from the sky.

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