Chris Brown and His Apology Was NOT Official

cbrownofficiialwhati read chris brown’s apology at work and i was actually disgusted.

if this was all true and not some stunt…
Prince+Whathe embarrassed that chick,
put all her business out here,
and then gonna use the “young, dumb, and full of cum” line?
that apology would have to come with a check needing to be cut,
therapy three times a week for the whole 3 years,
medication refills on deck,
and my pussy being eaten for the whole week.
tumblr_n3jwjeT4451rnnw2ro1_500hell he would be eatin the pussy as i was typing this entry.
oh and to cut out that nasty newport habit.
karrueche ain’t like me tho.
poor thing.

apology taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Chris Brown and His Apology Was NOT Official”

  1. At first I thought “Awww, Chris is just on an emotional rollercoaster right now, probably the cause of his acting out.”

    Now I truly think he has the mental issues that judge wanted him in classes for. Seriously, I hope he gets help for all this. It’s just not normal…

  2. Yeah I feel like she’s been seeing this sides of Chris brown where he’s loveable one moment then hateful and fucked up the next. I guess enough was enough

  3. Most women leave and then go back to their abuser SEVEN times on average before they leave for the last time.
    Unfortunately a small % are killed by their abuser.
    RIP to one of Chris’ former dancers who was killed by her husband in murder suicide.
    How ironic

  4. Chris brown is def displaying abuser dynamics. He flys off of the handle and later apologizes about his wrong doing. He doesn’t even take full responsibility for his actions. He uses social media for public attention as a ploy so people can feel sorry for him. Also, he is using the young and in love line to humanize himself to the public eye. He has deep rooted issues and needs professional help.

  5. He apologized after airing out all of her dirty business. Real men do not lash out and start telling other people’s business out of anger, especially someone who they supposedly loved. Not cool. The two of them need to just separate for good, not temporarily.

  6. After seeing the way this played out, I kind of agree with your previous entry that it all seems like a publicity stunt. Every time they break-up it always gets people talking. Then they’re back together like he didn’t just diss her in the most disrespectful way possible.

  7. Jamari when you mention bi-polar which has the symptoms that Chris Breezy is showing. To me I think he could be gay and fighting it due to his is a celebrity.

    1. I disagree. People struggle everyday with their sexuality, but everyone is not going around beating women, having severe outbursts, and abusing drugs etc.

      I find it hard to believe that people in Hollywood like Chris struggle with sexuality because most industry people are free-spirited and outgoing. As long as they have money and power over their own lives they could care less. Who needs approval from anyone when you rich and basically set for life financially? Who cares what others think?

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