They All Want Long Haired Thick Light Girls (and Boys?)

tumblr_ncvmn9CmNd1t65o83o1_500so i ended up watching the last hour of the “light girls” doc on own.
the first half got dvdr’d.
celeb apprentice was on.
anyway i only have this to say about it…

i felt the documentary,
from what i saw,
touched on a lot of various aspects of being “light skinned-ed”.
“being considered a trophy
getting ahead in the life”
“being desirable to wolves”
“when you close to white; you will always be right”
i personally respected those who were honest.
the ones who said they used their light skinned-ed ness to their advantage.
the whole “woe is me/ive been bullied because i’m light” schtick…
“i didn’t see anyone who looked like me on television…”
why do people need validation with someone on tv?
see thats the first problem.
that person could be a self hating doofus,
but it helps they’re on television.
that makes it okay for self esteem purposes.
not to be heartless also,
but i feel darker skinned-ed vixens have more of a struggle in this world.
i moreso sympathize with them.
in this social media mud pit we live in,
being a “long haired thick redbone” will get you farther in a ny minute.

at the end of the day,
regardless of what complexion you are,
you will still experience racism and a pineapple will cheat on you.
people will still be nasty.
being light doesn’t guarantee a good life.
it means you have more bullshit to deal with.
hell they used kobe bryant and kanye west as examples.
well if we want to be technical,
kobe cheated on conchita with an basic snow bunny,
and if we want to be technical,
kanye is in an alleged relationship with a man.

awkward-what-britney-spearsso yeah.
and this was no way to bash the “light skin” struggle.
hell we all have a struggle one way or another.
i guess oprah’s next documentary is:


watch the entire “light girls” documentary: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “They All Want Long Haired Thick Light Girls (and Boys?)”

  1. My thoughts are colorism is definitely an issue that needs to be resolve, but dark skin vixens still suffer 10x more. And I realize darker the berry, the sweeter the juice only applies to dark skin wolves and I find it more interesting dark skin wolves tends to be more hateful on dark skin vixen when they’re super dark themselves.

    But on a sidenote, i hope Oprah doesn’t make a documentary about Afro-Latinos vs African Americans cause this definitely cause a heat argument between the two groups, especially with Dominicans cause black Americans love to talk shit about Dominicans.

    1. ^she needs to do that!!!!!
      or maybe beinf darker complected in the spanish community and the struggles that brings about.
      that would be an interesting discussion and would inspire awareness of the culture!

      1. Yea it definitely a struggle to be dark skin within the spanish community because no one wants to believe that you are Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Panamanian etc because of the skin complexion but it funny how in Latin America there is a HUGE African influence in there with the dancing, food, music, and way of living. But when my grandmother left PR to move to NY, she said there was a lot of struggle not only dealing with the whites, but as well with the black people because they made it very clear that you’re not black therefore you’re not welcome. Which is part of the reason why you would hear Puerto Ricans and Dominicans not claiming black because of the history that was going on.

  2. I saw the first half of this special and I was intrigued until my other show came on and I turned the channel. I do believe struggle is struggle no matter what race,gender, or background you come from. I will say as I was watching it seem like they were grasping for straws on the struggle part. When I saw dark girls the problems they were discussing and the situations that they were talking about seemed more valid.(not trying to take away anything from light girls.)

    I think it would be interesting if Oprah did a documentary on interracial relationships. I would love to see that discussion on line.

  3. I just watched the documentary. I found all of the stories the women shared quite interesting. I understood where a lot of them were coming from because there is a such thing as not being dark enough. In middle school, I noticed that was being said to many people. Since they did not have the curves, the skin tone, the hair, or even the way they spoke, they were outcasts among others who were darker. Colorism has been around ages, but it has became worse as of late. When you put social media, immature people, the definition of beauty, and confidence together, it will create a toxic situation. Everyone has their own definition of beauty. What I consider beautiful may be different than the next, which is fine. A few opinions should not validate how a person views themselves.

  4. Jamari you are 100% right on this topic. I remember a few years ago at my old job this dark skin dude I use to work with told me he always been with white girls and if he does date a black girl she has to be light. I asked him why and he was like i don’t really like black girls especially dark skin ones because their not attractive. He told me he couldn’t explain it but he just not attracted to them, He also wanted his kids to be light. I had a few things to say to him and I told him that he was dark skin himself so don’t make ignorant comments about darker girls but after I said all that to him I actually felt sorry for him a lot of of darker people go through so much all their life that it messes with their head. Some go with lighter or other races so their kids won’t be dark and have to endure all the pain they went through growing up. Our African American community is still struggling in 2015 and sadly will continue too.

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