Amber Rose Got All The Baller Wolves Pipe’s Hard

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.44.38 PM…i can only guess why.
^that picture represents the words: thirst trap.
so amber rose is a hot milf and my default spirit animal.
she is also a hot single milf.
well kinda single.
allegedly she is/was riding nick’s cannon.
she put up these pictures last weekend and listen…

…and even i watched to eat her.
tumblr_nih899W6bF1tezjkso1_500amber rose suddenly got some new followers as well.
allegedly john wall,
king james,
and deion sanders were some of her new rose buds.
dwayne wade tried to be follow…

VhBpFFp…but then un-followed quickly after.
gabby must have busted his head open with the phone.
well it seems like amber is back on the prowl.
how else them bills and infamil gonna get paid?

lowkey: a hot red bone vixen,
with a fat ass,
damn near naked…
why are people shocked wolves (of all kinds) would be hungry?
if i had her body and vagina,
i would already have my starting line up.
king james being one of them:

giphy…and he would be all up in these moist cakes.
sorry savannah.

*pictures credited to owner | instagram

9 thoughts on “Amber Rose Got All The Baller Wolves Pipe’s Hard

  1. I never seen a white woman get so much publicity in the black media. White build a bears. White media aint here for her.

    1. Her mama is from Cape Verde, a country in Africa, her mother is noticeably Black but light skin.

      She’s light with a banging body, black men are going to notice, a lot.

  2. Amber be shutting it down with ease, and be having all the men (and women) after her. That’s why one of the reasons why I like her so much.

  3. God was in a very good mood the day he made her. If I had an ounce of her beauty and sex appeal I would be ruling.

  4. I might be gay and all, but damn that’s a nice ass. I think I’m gonna start eating cornbread and corn muffin to get my ass phat and to see if it true.

  5. Amber looks good, but she is just finding ways to stay relevant with all these pics as of late.

  6. i just feel lik she’s so beautiful that she DOESN’T have to be naked…i would love to see what’s behind her beauty….and maybe she could actually MODEL clothes instead of being damn near nude all the time…so idk but she’s beatiful no one can’t say she’s not…i like her over Kim K anyday #PHILLYSTANDUP

    1. ^THIS!!! She is very pretty, but it’s sad that she needs to draw attention to her ass/tits/coochie in order to be relevant. There are young girls who will see this or any other thirsty chick on IG or Facebook and say…so THAT’S all I need to do! SMH

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