Kill These Curious Bastards Dead

blacklisted-article-headermy ban on curious wolves is still in effect.
in fact,
i plan on making it a permanent thing…
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nathanielnoir has a ratchet twin, i reckon

tumblr_nd4a7xRAZO1rd45ugo6_r1_500….and his name is “question mark”.
one thing i love about nathanielnoir is his class.
his pictures always exude a certain kind of quality to them.
well you always need a ratchet twin to fuck all that up right?
well check out “question mark” and you be the judge
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are we ready for another exciting round?

so i got this following person in an email with a “what do i think?
how you…
how you gonna tease my emotional sex drive like this with no name, f-bi agent?
well, shit you already know what i would think.
but, now i have to ask you….

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