Who’s The Mogul Who Blames His Partying With Guys On The Alcohol?


This A list celebrity/rapper/mogul and sometime reality star is not a huge drinker. At clubs he will drink and he orders a ton of booze, but he is not like Jay-Z who will actually get hammered. There are times though that our celebrity does. If you are a 18-22 year old gay male interested in older men and lots of presents, this is your chance. Our celebrity uses his drinking as an excuse to take a night off from being a ladies man. He heads to a club and finds some willing guys and then for the rest of the night they drive around in a party bus while our celebrity enjoys getting wild with the guys with no one to see and is passing out money and presents and booze and seemingly at his happiest. When the party is over he drops them back off at the club and then pretends it all never happened. Just blames it on the booze.


i know the bad boy mogul likes to get twisted.
sounds like a certain rapper who got rich but didn’t die trying.

8 thoughts on “Who’s The Mogul Who Blames His Partying With Guys On The Alcohol?

  1. Diddy? Who cares? He’s not sexy at all…
    Fiddy? Who cares? He hasn’t been sexy since “In Da Club”…
    What A-List celeb rides around in a “party bus”… #HolesInThisStory

    1. You sound ignorant. Anyway this sounds like 50 Cent. He is as D/L as they come. The fact he struggles hard with his bi sexuality is the real topic.

      1. LOL. What the hell has gotten into you guys around here? Damn.

        50 struggles with bisexuality? I have never heard that. He strikes me as the type of dude who would express himself, and not care what others think, but what we see means nothing. What happens when the doors close is what matters.

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