although the crime in chicago is not my forte,
this baller wolf is pretty much mine…

everyone you remember matt forte,



lowkey: matt got those motor boat” lips.
those “pick me up and work me out standing up” arms.
that “slang that” steady back.
i like that.
i like that alot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “MEAT: BALLER WOLF EDITION (291)”

  1. Jamari what is up with these delusional ass people you have commenting on your site? If this nigga was interested, you are telling me they would decline him? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. This is why they alone now. This nigga is fine as fuck. Wrap him up to go.

    1. he’s NOT attractive, I don’t see it , i just see an older relative who looks generous with money. your views do not represent the views of everyone else

    2. Yes people do in fact lie about what they want(we all have), but everyone has different tastes too. Matt used to be a fence rider with me cause his bald head bothered me, but he did not have a good hairline, so it was understandable, so I guess I could see how some people would find him attractive, and some wouldn’t.

  2. has nothing to do with age Leon robinson is older than both my parents and is attractive , Bradley cooper is almost 40 and is fine, tatum is 32, ballou is 36 so is ryan reynolds and Manganiello, beckford is 42, nelly doesn’t want to age, etc

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