Matt Forte Is A Biscuit (Let Him Sop You Up)

Matt-Forte3baller wolf matt forte of the chicago bears is what you call “premium meat”.
so you can’t expect him to not walk in a room and have people drooling for a meat sample.
like this guy:

1381591070000-forte yeah he has the same effect on me too.
well this person is a reporter who was in the locker room as matt as was being interviewed.
was that shiny bald head hypnotizing his soul?
here is the extended clip…
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Premium Meat of My Minute: Matt Forté

i have heard so many people talking about how fine this matt person is.
i was so caught up with others that i didn’t check him out.
well, one of my f-bi sent me him to feature today….
i see what everyone was talking about…

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