Rihanna Has A Man (Now)

rihanna is a sneaky one,
ain’t she?
she done had a whole secret wolf stashed away up until today.
that’s right.
she was caught frolicking with him in a pool in spain.
these are the shots of what the paparazzi got…
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Who Is Miguel’s More Masculine Brother With Breezy Wolf?

tumblr_mnhmwjZqok1rirxvyo1_500for anyone who is interested in the latest saga.
so breezy wolf was enjoying the memorial weekend festivities with a friend.
yeah so who the friend?…

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“Cock-a-Doodle-Do” by _________ Featuring His Tranny

are-you-readyr&b singer.
well i mean i bought all of his music.
he has a nice voice,
but he has also kinda fallen off too.
he is still successful,
but his career needs to become brand new real quick.
he allegedly likes trannies?

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