U Don’t Know What U Do

Question-Mark-Iconthis blind item one is wayyyyy too easy…

Like Will, He Does “What Thou Wilt”…

This music mogul is said to be distancing himself from Yeezus to keep clear of sharing any bisexuality allegations, but he’s got no problem with people knowing he lives by Aleister Crowley’s teachings — “Do what thou wilt.”

It seems the only people he does allow into his secret debauchery-filled lifestyle are the numerous rappers and athletes he’s reportedly turned out. Don’t believe me.. Ask Victor Cruz. Those are the men revealed to have fallen under our mystery man’s spell. Though they may have gifts — like a diamond skull face watch — to remember our blind item by, they receive a cold shoulder from him once he’s done with them. Just ask Larry Johnson.

Our blind item and his wife are really no different than The Smith’s. Now, can you guess which Jigga I’m talking about?


tumblr_lxty7eWyhK1r0bp2co1_r1_500ya know…
i heard some things about the BI.
a lot of things actually.
i wouldn’t have believed it but…
when i met the BI,
being very young,
i went to get my album signed.
the one with the blue cover.
i am a huge fan and was so excited,
but extremely nervous.
i was there with a friend really early.
we were one of the first 5.
i remember this stocky dude came out and was like:

“yo BI is looking for some females to go back to the telly for his crew…”

just bold as hell.
he had a concert that night so his crew needed some pussy.
i never seen the hoe come out of these females so fast.
i was more attracted to his juicy lipped label mate.
well when we met,
the way he looked at me.
i never really looked at BI like that.
he gives a very strong eye contact.
he is also extremely handsome and funny in person.
for that moment,
he made me feel comfortable.
he has this energy about him.
the way he shook my hand.
his grip was tight.
his eyes told me:
“i would tear that ass up”.
it felt weird.
i wasn’t in the lifestyle yet.
i had the thoughts,
but i kept them under wraps.
you know that feeling when you meet someone and your spirit goes:

banner_titlei always remembered that day.
who knows what would have happened…
if i knew now back then…
i woulda hopped right on it.

8 thoughts on “U Don’t Know What U Do

      1. You can’t be serious dude lol. Yeszus and Jigga really? Think really hard now.

      2. Fellas he is playing u. Oldest trick in the book. On forums, this type would be identified as a ‘troll’. Address ‘it’ as such.

  1. Nooo…Jay Z. He fuck around? Nah man. I refuse to believe this lol. So is Beyonce just a cover up and a business arrangement?

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