f0xmail: Have The Foxes Check Out My Pre-Baller Wolf Friend!


Jamari tell me what you think about my pre-baller wolf acquaintance. His name is Steven, he is from Brooklyn and he plays football at Syracuse University. And is seemingly straight, his face is iight, but that body boy. I mean, he looks like a God…


he looks like a bad boy.
you know what i do to bad boys…

tumblr_lsum9it49V1r143aio1_500he’s what i like to call:

thick and juicy

i bet he looks even better sweaty.
the tats are a bit overkill cause ya know….

every light wolf replicates those same tats.

i do see the appeal.
i wouldn’t kick him out of bed.
would you foxes?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “f0xmail: Have The Foxes Check Out My Pre-Baller Wolf Friend!”

  1. If he were a Fox I’d smash him. He looks like he’s a lil rough too. I bet dude who wrote this is just imagining himself being cuddled up in his big ass arms lol.

  2. looks very adorable not cute, sexy, attractive, no body – i don’t see it. he’s not ugly either

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