How To Say What I’m Saying Without Actually Saying It.

ChrisBrown-Gamethese following gifs tho…
i’m just saying what i’m not saying…


tumblr_mp4t3pkMvE1qbbb7uo4_250tumblr_mp4t3pkMvE1qbbb7uo3_250tumblr_mp4t3pkMvE1qbbb7uo2_250tumblr_mp4t3pkMvE1qbbb7uo1_250tumblr_mp4t3pkMvE1qbbb7uo6_250why did breezy wolf pull off his shirt?
hell why is game’s shirt off?
….whenever i got that look game shot him:

…that’s all i’m not saying.
although i’m kinda wondering what you’re not saying as well.
they do seem like good friends.
breezy wolf really wants to be from la.
i dunno why…
is there a video to explain this playful 2-some?

lowkey: i know 1 thing…
oooooh game you tall ignorant mutha-oooooh…
you better come over to ny and work me…
okay i tried to not say anything.
it slipped.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “How To Say What I’m Saying Without Actually Saying It.”

    1. Wait wait wait…let me get this straight. U come on here asking if were someone on ur IG, while insulting Jamari’s readers like we are some messy queens? Little boy have several seats…and this is coming from a female. Don’t nobody want to be on ur wack ass IG. This blog needs an ignore button because this Davon person needs to be on it.

  1. BABY! If I’m having a messed up day all I have to do is look at your gif’s for some of your comments! You have me rolling.

  2. I’ve was picked up like that by a homie back in 9th grade, and he wanted to fuck me lol. He told me actually. I was like nigga get outta here lol.

    Game has hit that already lol. I got next.

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