I Want To “Grapefruiting” My Future Wolf Into a Sex Coma

i am so interested in this “grapefruiting” thing.
the werewolf in me has been awakened.
i had so many questions.
you know i did.

How does putting a grapefruit on my wolf’s pipe turn him on?

so i watched an interview with entertainment weekly” for the full details.
tiffany haddish explained it further…

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Only For The Foxes With The Good Foxtail Are Allowed

everyone feels the got exceptional:


it’s life and sext conversations.
it isn’t until it’s time to have sex that you’ll find out.
a foxholer said that a nfl baller wolf allegedly has good foxtail.
it’s so good that allegedly everyone wants a piece,
but the problem is that he is stingy with it.
if you have good foxtail,
you shouldn’t be giving it to everyone.
would you give your expensive shit to just anyone to use?
you should feel that way about your butt cheeks.
well this wolf wants a warning about foxtail.
good foxtail.
he wants you to tell him in advance if its good.
an f-bi sent me this video that i had to share…
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Rauve Haley Is Chocolate Wonderful

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.29.05 PMyes.
yes take it all in.
everyone meet rauve’ haley.
we just talked about personal trainers this morning too.
well one of my f-bi had to alert me of all that chocolate milky goodness…

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Kanye West Is Going To Make Miley Cyrus A Black Skinhead (Her Dream?)

MILEYYEjust when i had an solid idea kanye lost his mind…
kanye and twerk team cyrus are allegedly teaming up for the remix of black skinheads.
i have no words…

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f0xmail: Have The Foxes Check Out My Pre-Baller Wolf Friend!


Jamari tell me what you think about my pre-baller wolf acquaintance. His name is Steven, he is from Brooklyn and he plays football at Syracuse University. And is seemingly straight, his face is iight, but that body boy. I mean, he looks like a God…


All Roads Lead Back to His Lips

tumblr_mofu06bhuH1qk5j8to2_1280yes.take it all in.
i’d like to take it all in actually.
for a good hour or two.
okay back to the entry…

i wonder how my juicy lipped wolf,
darius slay,
is handling training camp for the detriot lions?
you know he was everything when i first featured him:

x see everything

well enjoy these flicks…

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