All Roads Lead Back to His Lips

tumblr_mofu06bhuH1qk5j8to2_1280yes.take it all in.
i’d like to take it all in actually.
for a good hour or two.
okay back to the entry…

i wonder how my juicy lipped wolf,
darius slay,
is handling training camp for the detriot lions?
you know he was everything when i first featured him:

x see everything

well enjoy these flicks…

his lips make no damn sense.
i know a certain place on my body they can make sense tho…

tumblr_mov88pDxaU1qdhsq0o1_400thanks to my vixen assistant for the example.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “All Roads Lead Back to His Lips

  1. Ok so what you don’t know is this is my homeboys son!! Me and his dad grew up together… He’s actually a really sweet kid

      1. It was so funny I was like… That’s Darius son.. He’s actually a jr.. He looks just like his dad

      2. Well you need to give us the damn info on Darius Jr. Does he mess around? If not him then what about his pops? LOL. God knows what his dad looks like lol.

  2. Where the hell I was when you first posted this? This dude is handsome! And I agree with Man, his smile is everything!

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