All Roads Lead Back to His Lips

tumblr_mofu06bhuH1qk5j8to2_1280yes.take it all in.
i’d like to take it all in actually.
for a good hour or two.
okay back to the entry…

i wonder how my juicy lipped wolf,
darius slay,
is handling training camp for the detriot lions?
you know he was everything when i first featured him:

x see everything

well enjoy these flicks…

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Who The FUCK Is Darius Slay?!?!?!??!

of course boi pvssy had these gifs that got my attention QUICKLY:

…oh my god.
i will not put up a fight.
matter a fact i cum in peace.
take me now.
of course i went on the pre baller wolf hunt and found these:

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