i’ll need trevor bates to download uber, like, ASAP

i love nfl baller wolves,
especially if they look like ^that.
they can be prone to crazy ass behavior if you aren’t careful.
so ^that’s trevor bates.
he plays for the lions.
well he allegedly didn’t want to pay for his cab ride to queens.
a foxholer wants to share what happened via “the daily mail”
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I Like The Changes Ameer Abdullah Is Going Through

isn’t he?
when God does it…
so i was watching the nfl snapchat today with baller wolf,
golden tate.
he was doing a summer camp with the cubs with others from the detroit lions.
one of those “others” was running back,
ameer abdullah.
i’ve fonted about him before.
he has been laying low since his foot injury last season.
i was shocked to see how much he has changed since college.

this is a buffet of him now,
with pics from his “urban outfitters men” shoot…
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Baller Wolf Reggie Bush New Commercial Got Me All Wet!

tumblr_mtc65eigTW1qe8nc8o1_400this is the reggie bush i fell in lust with.
when he first debuted,
he was the finest baller wolf ever in my eyes.
he lost his swagg when he got with dim bulb kardashian,
but ever since he dropped her and had a baby,
he has been looking like his old self again.
he has a new commercial for the new sony xperia z,
which just happens to be water proof.
yeah yeah yeah #teamapple,
look at this…
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Devin Thomas: CUT.

OKNOsorry my patois is a little rusty lol
born again jamaican…
baller wolf,
devin thomas,
was cut from the detriot lions over the weekend.

x read about it here

remember when i… we… everyone all use to think he was fine as hell?
good lawd what happened?
he is definitely into this rasta thing heavvvvvvvy.
is he even jamaican?
he looks like he lives in a forest and cooks his food over an open fire.
i’m completely baffled with all this.

All Roads Lead Back to His Lips

tumblr_mofu06bhuH1qk5j8to2_1280yes.take it all in.
i’d like to take it all in actually.
for a good hour or two.
okay back to the entry…

i wonder how my juicy lipped wolf,
darius slay,
is handling training camp for the detriot lions?
you know he was everything when i first featured him:

x see everything

well enjoy these flicks…

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