I Like The Changes Ameer Abdullah Is Going Through

isn’t he?
when God does it…
so i was watching the nfl snapchat today with baller wolf,
golden tate.
he was doing a summer camp with the cubs with others from the detroit lions.
one of those “others” was running back,
ameer abdullah.
i’ve fonted about him before.
he has been laying low since his foot injury last season.
i was shocked to see how much he has changed since college.

this is a buffet of him now,
with pics from his “urban outfitters men” shoot…



…i didn’t know he was a musician.

he looks like he lost his virginity,
got his heart broken by some she-hyena,
and became a hippy.
the innocence in eyes are gone from his “before”.
then and now,
he is stil fine tho:

i love his body size and how he walks.
he is my exact type of wolf physically.
i don’t even care if he is 5’9.
i’ll take it.

lowkey: he is my new baller wolf crush.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I Like The Changes Ameer Abdullah Is Going Through”

  1. He has always been a beautiful man. Man took his time with him. One of my NFL crushes for sure.

  2. Damn J! You have an eye for the most beautiful wolves! This dude right here is GORGEOUS! And he’s stacked! A+++

  3. OMG!!! I am sold! WTF! And, where did he come from. I watched that ‘Returning from injury’ video 3 times……..and counting. He is fine inside and definitely out. I love how he thinks, talks, walks, runs, do drills…..etc. My goodness!!!

  4. Damn who is this??? I missed this entry, he is a beautiful man, and has a new fan LOL. So many beautiful Black Men in this world so little time.

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