Omarion Ryan Gets Burned! (and Has The War Wounds To Prove It)

^this is my absolute fav picture of o.
we love foxhole fav,

omarion ryan,
looking like Jesus and hairless.
well i know i do.
i don’t know about you.
so he went to get laser hair removal at the ocp medical center,
which is located in dubai.
a f-bi sent me what happened…

well he had a lot to say about it in his ig caption:

that is crazyyyyyy.
i wanted to look into laser hair removal too.
good to know there is a “…and let me warn you” disclaimer with it.
i’m hoping for a speedy recovery for omarion.
i need that torso of his fresh and clean of war scars.

see more at omarion cc: instagram

21 thoughts on “Omarion Ryan Gets Burned! (and Has The War Wounds To Prove It)

  1. A Large number of us with African blood are keloids which causes scaring, They should have done a test area prior to treating him. keloid scaring can be permeant I hope not in his case he has beautiful skin..

  2. Yes, that he is part-black may have had something to do with it. Black skin is not the same as white skin. Notice the scarification of some from Africa that whites would not get.

  3. Every single time I see pictures of this man I just can’t get over how attractive he is. I also love how he gives shout outs to the foxhole, I hope he goes far with his career endeavors.

  4. He gave you a shoutout for posting this article, Jamari. Check his latest post on his ig.

  5. Damn this messed up I have wanted to try labor hair removal in the future but this story got me rethinking I guess I’ll just stick to getting waxed every few weeks.

  6. Lord J, I thought it was just the chest But damn his stomach tooo. He still looks good and I’m sure he will get better with an alternative

  7. That is fucked up. I was just talking about laser hair removal with someone the other day and how much I wanted it. I guess I’ll stick with the ole Nair. I hope he sues them for malpractice.

      1. It’s the ish. I don’t have the time or patience to try to bend my body a certain way to shave my 🦊🕳

  8. I am only attracted to black men but this guy right here is lovely from head to toe. He should have just saved. Laser treatment does not work for everyone.
    I will just fly over to Dubai with some coco butter and get him right.

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