Twerk Like You On A BBC!

snow wolves are on the come up with the bunz lately.
are they real or store bought?
that is the question.
well a foxholer sent me a video of some snow twerking.
you decided if it’s struggley or not…

reminds me of:

the foxholer said watch he might be straight.
i don’t know.
i’ve seen real straight snow wolves attempt to twerk.
it’s like trying to bend plywood.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Twerk Like You On A BBC!”

  1. When you watch twerk team it’s kind of hard to give people who aren’t as good props. Hell when I do it I don’t even give myself props because of twerk team.

    I don’t think he was the worst twerker I’ve seen at least I know conceptually what he is trying to do but he also wasn’t the best.

  2. *cringes* SOMEONE GET HIM! I’m sorry, but I don’t see what’s the big kiki about a white boy trying to twerk like he’s a black girl or some gay black boy with a fat juicy ass. Like why are even gassing him up? Is it because he’s got a fat juicy ass and confidence? Is that it? THAT’S IT?! Okay! Remind me next to time to get a raging hard on when I see this type of struggle fuckery! *logs off to cool off*

  3. Lol he could be straight. You saw how everyone in the bar was unbothered. Even the waitress that walked by.

    White boys and athletes do this silly shit all the time. Lol

  4. This WB would get fucked right there on that table…grab the chalk and wipe down my pole!

  5. Jamari look up Dustin Zito (on tumblr or myvidster) that’s a white boy with cakes who can twerk.

  6. He have a lil vibes man! His ground work needs a lil more pratice vut overall I”ll give him a B+. Lol

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