Cheap Tricks

since my ex coworker with the skinceuticals connect played me,
i had to figure out how to get that same skin back.
since i’m unemployed af,
i can’t go and charge up a ton of products that cost over 100 dollars.
it was time to really investigate.
so i started looking at ingredients in drug store products that matched what i was using.
i found a few that have helped me get it back together


neutrogena oil free acne wash (it has salicyic acid in it) – 6.00
aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer – 18.00


l’oreal revitalift cream cleanser – 6.00

but this shit hereeeeeeeeee:

neutrogena rapid tone repair dark spot corrector – 17.99

^that has been a godsend!!!

i’m so glad i stumbled upon it.
it brightened up my skin,
plus it started to fade the dark spots i got when i broke out like crazy.

Thank God

the skinceuticals helped me achieve a blank canvas to work with.
they are too expensive for me right now,
but with the drugstore alternatives,
my recent acne/dark spots are almost gone.
i do the facials as i mentioned ( x in the last entry ) and that has helped.
so far; so good.
what works for me may not work for you.
everything i suggest is always at your own risk.

*if the foxhole has any drugstore recommendations,
drop them in the comment box!

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Cheap Tricks”

  1. Bro, as someone who has dealt with lifelong acne issues, I so appreciate it when you post these. They’re extremely helpful.

  2. Read the active ingredients in SkinCeuticals and compare it to the alternatives to stay close to what made your skin glow with this product.
    Many times we find the same thing in a cheaper brand.

    1. ^yes mika!
      the cheaper drug store store brand is sometimes better as well.
      i never understood the point of the store version with the real version next to it lol

  3. I would recommend Differin, which is about $12 or less at Target for those who have moderate to high acne breakouts. It takes about three months to work but you can wear at night with a moisturizer.

    Bliss AHA/Salycic acid pads, which is a UK product I found at Marshall’s for 9.99.
    For people with oily skin, it eliminates a lot of the greasy look and to this point (knock on wood), has not had any irritation or breakouts.

    1. ^Concreate Focus I saw Differin in the stores earlier this year and have wondered about it since then, thanks for the info.

  4. Hey J, check out my dude Dr. Throwner and his website. He resides in miami, and I love his cleanser that are $25 and last me for 8month. He specialize in different skin type and mine which us oily as well. You can order or call on his website.

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