How SkinCeuticals Changed My Life

so i fonted i was gonna talk to the foxhole about skinceuticals.
we about to go in.

How Jamari Fox Was Introduced To SkinCeuticals


it was through a former coworker.
her parents own a salon that sells it.
when she started at my old job,
i always thought she was always a pretty black vixen.
i didn’t see her for weeks so i assumed she left.
when she popped back up,
i couldn’t help but notice her skin was amazing.
it was:

even toned

no dark spots

the first thing i look at when it comes to good skin.
it was like that rihanna situation.
so i asked her if she was wearing make up because it looked good.
she said she wasn’t.
i had to ask her what “Jesus/Nile River water” was she using.
that is when she changed my life up in 2016.
when i looked on the website,
the prices were out of control.
this was “rich white folks” skin care.
she asked me what my skin type was…

“oily af”

…and she said she would bring me in something to try.
now i’m always hesitant to use certain products.
sometimes it works against my skin and causes me to break out.
it was free so i went ahead with it.
when i saw her again,
she brought:

phloretin cf serum
simply clean cleanser
clarifying clay masque
retinol 0.5
re-texturing activator serum
aox+ eye gel

in a 2 weeks,
i noticed a changed in my skin.
in a month,
i was getting compliments on how i was “glowing”.
in 3 months,
i had the clearest and toned skin i ever had.
all of the dark marks i had on my face faded tremendously.
she even saw a difference in my skin.
i didn’t have much oil on my face as i once did.
it was like i had plastic surgery.
so i wanted more.
i say!
since i fucks with salicylic acid beyond heavy,
i asked for:

blemish + age defense serum

…and it was like all the avengers landed on my face to fight the evil of acne.

i have fought many years to get my skin under control.
product after product.
it was like everything in skinceuticals worked in sync to get me right.

once i left that job,
she showed her tail.
she promised she would hook me up when i ran out of products.

I haven’t heard from her since

i texted to no response.
once i ran out,
i started to break out again.
some of them left dark spots that really made me feel defeated.
i ended up getting cheaper alternatives for my budget,
but i won’t front on the wonder that skinceuticals did on my face.
when the foxhole is successful,
i would hope for a heavy endorsement.
right now,
i can’t even afford the prices on that website.

now i can’t promise the same miracles for you,
but you are welcomed to try it.
they have various sections for different skin types.
all the products that are recommended are under the sections.
i say give one a shot before going in!


we will font about the alternatives in the next entry.

lowkey: is it bad i’ll buy skin care products over material possessions?
is that vain to font out loud?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “How SkinCeuticals Changed My Life

  1. Wish I could afford those products, but I guess I’ll just stick to sephora right now. Jamari you and I have the same skin type which is oily skin and it can be a pain to deal with, but it will benefit us in the long run. Thanks for the information though, I love when you do health and wellness entries lol. Lowkey: (the ex coworker vixen) I never understand when people say they will help you or take care of you, then get ghost on you when it’s time to help. I never get those type of people.

    1. ^i try to do entries on things i like/products i use.
      i been sitting on when was the right time to talk about skinceuticals.
      i wanted to test them on my skin before i made an entry.
      they work so they was gonna get my support.

      it’s fucked up that my ex co worker did that,
      but i’ll remember it for next time.
      i even told her i would pay a discount if she could help me.
      she said she would and then ghosted on me.


      1. hey
        nice one jamari one question though
        were you mixing the serums or did you choose which one to use depending on the day and mood ? lol
        I’m asking casuse i want to get into this products and friend of mine started a while ago and thats been working wonders on him and we do have the same similar skin type which is “combination”
        I’m scared to mix the serums on a go
        thinking it might burn me or something…

  2. I’ve heard of Skinceuticals wayy wayy back since I used to be an active member on a skin care forum because I have a skin condition, and I’ve heard great things, but I can never afford their products, or if I could,I would have to not pay a bill, which obv isn’t worth it lol.

    I would really like to try it though.
    Jamari, Retin A is very good for the skin, I would argue that it is probably the best ingredient for anti aging and counter acting acne. But I hear you have to be consistent on it, and sometimes it takes a few months to see small results but eventually it pays off big time. I used to use it and I loved it for my skin, but it’s a bit difficult to obtain over here without a prescription.

    1. and it’s not vain at all! It’s more vain to want to buy clothes because unlike clothes, the skin is the biggest organ on your body, and taking care of it is very important for your overall health. Just think of it as investing in your health 😉

      1. ^see great minds think alike!
        that is how i feel about it as well!
        if i can afford it,
        i’ll buy skin care over some expensive kicks.
        your skin will never go out of style if you take care of it.
        i like to think it compliments your whole look.

      2. Agreed! The problem is the maintenance. It kind of hurts to see that you’ve spent so much money just for it to disappear in a ll of two weeks lol (unless you’re like me, who has mastered the art of using a drop like once a week to make it last two years LOL)

        That’s my main gripe with these companies, they just aren’t affordable, and they give you these tiny bottles that don’t last very long. There are decent alternatives that are much more pocketbook friendly that I gravitate to these days, until I got it poppin like that, but even then, these products are way overpriced, you might as well learn to make them yourself! (which is a good idea!)

        1. ^if i knew she would be so shifty,
          i would have slowed down or used them every other day.
          once i stopped using them,
          all hell broke out on my face.

          with serums,
          it’s best to use a tiny drop and you have to pat it into your skin.
          it will spread as you pat it in.
          i learned that watching youtube videos lol
          i didn’t know before I would put a drop in my hand smh

    2. ^i agree with retin a d!!
      i found something with retinol.
      i heard that works slower than retin a,
      but it’s great for anti aging!!

      i love good skincare font lol

  3. Love posts like this and don’t feel bad for a long time I would buy skin & beauty products over clothes and such because I have such fucked up skin. I’ve known about Skinceuticals through YouTube for years but as everyone has stated their products are too pricey for my pockets. Plus I’ve been trying to be patient and stick to the products my fermi prescribed me.

    I’ve been wanting to try the urbanskinrx products for awhile since they are cheaper than Skinceuticals and made for brown skin.

  4. Hell, I can afford to do it, but I REFUSE to pay hundreds of dollars for sneakers. The highest I’ll go is $80.
    If I can’t get them under that, I won’t be getting them. LOL

    The prices for those facial products is CRAZY. I’m sure it does wonders, but damn!!

    This post kinda reminds me of a discussion I had at the barbershop one time. People will pay hundreds for sneakers/clothes, but they won’t take that money and invest in their face and/or tore up grill!
    Same thing with cars. You livin in your mama’s house still, yet you driving around in a Beemer/Benz, that if it breaks down, it’s gonna sit in the driveway until you have enough money to have it serviced.
    But you won’t use that money to get your own spot, or again, fix yourself up. Sad.

    1. True! LOL! I have a bit of bad habit of buying clothes when I shouldn’t be, but I never buy expensive clothes, I just don’t see the point in that. But it’s true when they say, you have enough money for what you find truly important, because you’ll budget for it, save for it, plan for it etc. A lot of times, people spend their money on superficial things only for stunting, but there is no glow up in their lives. They’ll learn eventually, when they truly want/need to get themselves together, they will.

  5. Yeah I’m the same way. I’m always on the hunt for great skin products because since I workout and sweat like a pig, my skin has to be tended to extra hard. I too, do enjoy when you give insight on health/ beauty products, mental health, and fashion because that’s very important to me.

  6. Jamari, I feel like you should (if possible, of course) make a Fashion & Men’s care (instead of “beauty” :)) blog. Man, I’d follow your fashion advice. It’s something I’m sure you’d be good at and you wouldn’t have any problems with ads. This could still be your safe haven. It’d be like combining all your skills and experience into one. Idk what do you think?

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