Jeramie Hollins Lights A Match Towards The Foxhole (Thank You!)

this is really classy of jeramie hollins.
i think it’s really respectful and shows a good character.
my rule is this:

When someone takes the time to feature you,
even if they have 50 or 500k followers,
you should ALWAYS show them love

i mean,
that is just common knowledge.
only fakes and users do the opposite.
i think the problem is people don’t know how to network nowadays.
they think if it isn’t a well known platform,
there is nothing in it for them.
that is far from the truth.
i call it a “slow burn”.
let me tell the foxhole a story real quick.
so everyone meet…

naturi naughton.
my fav.
she was in the group “3lw”.
she was allegedly treated like shit,
physically assaulted,
and thrown out by her group mates,
adrienne bailon and kiely williams.
they replaced naturi with some random and it didn’t work out.
the group broke up,
but those two ended ended up going on to do the “cheetah girls”.
they had some success with that group,
but that didn’t work out for them either.
all the while,
naturi was doing a “slow burn”.


naturi blew the fuck up.
she re-emerged as an actress,
won a naacp image award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series for her role in “power”,
happily married,
and is expecting her first cub.
the tables turned that she would become the most successful out the 3.
the other 2?
well the one who formed the group,
is irrelevant.
the other is a sidekick on talk show,
married to an alleged cheater,
and had to swallow her pride to do this:

the moral of the story is this:

You never know who is slow burning

no one would have expected naturi to rise the way she did.
she stayed in her lane,
re-focused on a new hustle,
got blessed,
and karma handled the rest.

when i see folks ignoring the foxhole,
shouting out other bigger platforms,
and treating me like i don’t work hard,
i simply keep the eye on the prize.
one day,
this blog will reap all it has harvested.
so many come through here.
you will be shocked to know who.
thank you to jeramie for the shout out!


focus and keep working your goals.
you will pop soon enough.

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watch about “the 3lw saga”:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Jeramie Hollins Lights A Match Towards The Foxhole (Thank You!)

  1. Congrats Jamari.

    Jeramie sends shot outs to lots of accounts who feature him. I’ve been following him for a while and he lights up my timeline. That boy brings the heat 😗. He will even take the time to like your comments when you post on his entries. I must admit that makes me feel so special when he does that. So I can imagine how Jamari feels about the love Jeramie sent his way. With all those followers and a busy life it takes really cool dude to acknowledge others on social media.

  2. If he keeps it up he’ll win that sexiest wolf poll thing one of the foxholders brought up a little while ago.

  3. Congrads J, it nice he showed some love! This is good, he may refer some love to your blog. This reminds me of what’s happening to Acconexion Wesley. One of his model from his photography just landed a job from his featured photos. So he could be the next Benamie

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