The Day Bill Maher Lost His Mind

ya know,
i don’t know what is happening,
but the world is losing it’s filter.
i just fonted that as i font whatever on this platform.
bill maher is a white liberal snow wolf.
he usually says what he wants with no fucks to give.
on his hbo show,
“real time with bill maher”,
he was conducting an interview with nebraska republican senator,
ben sasse.
they were having a discussion about adults wearing halloween costumes.
within the conversation,
bill referred to himself as a “house nigger”.
check out this nonsense

so much irony in that “house nigger” statement from a white liberal.
i didn’t really like the response from ben either:

“We want our cubs to suffer”

what in the fuck????
bill went so far past the line with that one.
i usually like him,
but he deserves to be dragged for that statement.
that is the problem with white libs.
they are “woke”,
but some can still be racist as well.
ive met a lot of them in these new yawk forests.
mouthy about rights,
but still look down to blacks.
well bill is bald today.
that dragging took everything on his head so he made sure to apologize.
in a statement,
he fonted:

“Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show. Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment. The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.”

i bet he had to erase his social media apps.
i can imagine the horror.
bill maher and kathy griffin are the perfect examples of:


let them lead by example for the rest.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Day Bill Maher Lost His Mind

  1. Shocking, yes. Racist……mmmmmm I am not sure. He definitely made a mistake and I could see it all over his face right after he said it. I too was shocked when I heard it, because I watched Real Time faithfully (when I had cable, lol.). But, this was my first time seeing it because I stream now and planned to watch it… day. I think it was a mistake, imo. Not to pull the “I have black friends excuse”, but I think he is married to a Black woman or used to be.

    1. Bill Maher has never been married and he doesn’t seem to want to ever get married. He is 61 years old.

  2. Is it even possible to be “woke” and racist? sounds counter-intuitive to me. Seems like he just showed his true ass there. I don’t like the idea of letting people express their racist thoughts and keep that title: “woke”. It’s the perfect sheep’s clothing to hide under.

    I didn’t watch him much, but I thought he was better than that. It seems I haven’t watched him enough to know better…

  3. If you don’t watch Bill’s shows or follow his comedy as I do then please take a moment to save your manufactured outrage regarding his bad joke. Bill is an atheist progressive who offends everyone! And I don’t believe he is or has ever been a racist.

    1. ^i actually used to watch “politically incorrect” when it was on abc.
      i’m very familiar with bill and know that mouth of his.
      i also remember his show getting cancelled for his comments on 9/11.
      you know the type?
      saying things out of shock value.
      he was out of control with that “house nigger” comment.
      i don’t understand why even use it in what was being said originally.
      halloween costumes,
      and a house nigger.
      even ben looked shocked when he said it.
      bill is the same one who said something along the lines of obama wasn’t “black enough” because he didn’t speak ebonics.
      comedy or no comedy,
      he was out of pocket.

    2. @bllackpegasus Nah, I’m sticking with my opinions, thanks. These types don’t get a pass from me. I don’t need to watch him to have an opinion on anything he says. Just because he’s a shock jock, his comments get brushed under the rug because he “offends everybody”? lol, no. I’m really not going to have the “is he racist” argument, because honestly, I don’t care, but at the end of the day, he really crossed the line with that one right there. There’s a way to do it without completely shoving your foot up your mouth, which is exactly what he did. Racist or not.

  4. I’m in the mindset that how can we be upset he used the term, when WE (not us in the group, but most blacks) throw it around so loosely/casually. We need to eradicate the term in our own community, because the term is used so blatantly that other races pick up on it and call one another the term. I will never forget the day I heard these Indian kids call one another the term. I couldn’t even be mad, I had to laugh. I was like wow, its come to this.

    I can’t be mad at Bill for using the term. It was misplaced, and he should’ve never used the term. Everyone puts their foot in their mouth every now and then. However, WE need to take responsibility for the casual use of the word, no matter how much people try to make it a “term of endearment” among our own. It’s a demeaning word that has NO place in ANYONE’S vocabulary/language.

    Again, until blacks stop using it so freely/casually, others will continue to do the same. I get amazed when people get up in arms if someone of another color uses the word. And blacks saying it to one another is no better than a white person saying it to us. I don’t like the word, and will not allow anyone to address me as such. Your ass will get checked and then ignored. My nigga…GTFOHWTM.

    i know Bill used house nigger, but I’m generalizing nigger/nigga altogether.

    1. I’ve given up trying to tell people why this only has negative impacts on our own community, because no one wants to listen. We (as a community) clearly don’t want change, so it’s hard to get mad at others who don’t take us seriously. We aren’t taken seriously by “the others” because we can’t stand together on virtually ANY topic, not even the use of a historically oppressive word. I personally don’t use the word or any form of it, so I have no problem going in on people who get too comfortable.
      Christian, I’m just so done with the Tom foolery, from others, AND my own people. NO ONE gets a pass from me. NO ONE.

      My problem with what Maher said wasn’t specifically the word, it was the whole context. It wasn’t just an indirect reference to slavery (the use of the n word) but now we’re making light of slavery in open public. He could have omitted the nigger part and it would have still been just as disrespectful. No matter how you spin it, it was out of line.

      “Manufactured outrage” my black ass. GTFOH.

      1. ^it’s funny you fonted this.
        i don’t even use the “n” word anymore.
        after blogging and banishing it to “pineapple”,
        i can’t even use it in my real life.
        it’s literally banished from my vocab.

      2. Until we start standing together on the things that matter, and start taking OURSELVES seriosuly, we will NEVER be taken seriously by “the others”. It’s time we get it together and WAKE UP!

  5. I watched that episode live. Im a fan of Bill Maher. It was a joke but even I was like “Damn man”. Lol. He apologized. That’s all a person can do if you say something offensive. Im good tho. I already know what’s up with white liberals. White privilege above everything else. Still watching next Friday.

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