i wouldn’t be me without YOU

before i start today,
i wanted to send love to my foxhole community.
as you know,
i’m a one-fox tank but i appreciate all those who support me.
 i wanted to give a big shout-out to some special foxholers today…

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the foxhole got a shout out and tons of love today!

i’m always so grateful to those who show the foxhole love.
it means a lot and i radiate with all the positive energy.
i got a shout out today on a website called “men who brunch“,
which is wild because i was randomly thinking about brunch and mimosas today.

About Men Who Brunch

Living in a heteronormative society is not easy for a black gay man.  Gay men of color constantly face daily struggles and challenges such as dealing with homophobia, forming long lasting intimate relationships, and having limited inclusive spaces to freely express themselves.  And so, I created this platform as a means to highlight these issues and to bridge healthy relationships between black gay men.

My vision is to create an international network for black gay men that will allow for meaningful social connections.

well on their blog section of their website,
they wrote an entry called:


and this is what they had to say about the foxhole

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Chance The Rapper Gets The Wrong Kind of Shout Out Yesterday

this is the moment that i said out loud “sit down chance”.
chance the rapper gave us a teachable moment yesterday.
when you want to help a lost one from going to the dark side,
but you should really be minding your damn business,
because now look what “had” happened…
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During A Scandal, Tripp Ali Shouts Out To The Foxhole


so an f-bi alerted me another has shouted out the foxhole.
slow and steady wins the race…
hi tripp!
i would love for you to come into my foxhole for a full interview.
i have a lot of questions as do my readers.
well he posted this on his ig in regards to signal 23 tv
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Jeramie Hollins Lights A Match Towards The Foxhole (Thank You!)

this is really classy of jeramie hollins.
i think it’s really respectful and shows a good character.
my rule is this:

When someone takes the time to feature you,
even if they have 50 or 500k followers,
you should ALWAYS show them love

i mean,
that is just common knowledge.
only fakes and users do the opposite.
i think the problem is people don’t know how to network nowadays.
they think if it isn’t a well known platform,
there is nothing in it for them.
that is far from the truth.
i call it a “slow burn”.
let me tell the foxhole a story real quick.
so everyone meet…
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Instinct Magazine Gives The Foxhole Some Love!

so i woke up today to the foxhole getting featured!
that’s right.
the trailer for the foxhole’s instagram was highlighted on instinct magazine’s website…
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