During A Scandal, Tripp Ali Shouts Out To The Foxhole


so an f-bi alerted me another has shouted out the foxhole.
slow and steady wins the race…
hi tripp!
i would love for you to come into my foxhole for a full interview.
i have a lot of questions as do my readers.
well he posted this on his ig in regards to signal 23 tv

this sounds like a good story.
tripp seems ready to spill all.
he can let it out right over here.

pictures taken cc: instagram

7 thoughts on “During A Scandal, Tripp Ali Shouts Out To The Foxhole

  1. You’re touching your fanbase J, Instagram is a good pilot and it will bring more viewers man!

    1. ^i’m glad i started my official ig.
      it felt that it was about time!
      i’m so grateful and excited that all of you are on this journey with me.
      it isn’t easy at times,
      but it’s a blessing to feel connected to those who care about me.

  2. I’m ready. Something​ is up and I’m curious. I think Tripp is on to something here.

  3. I love Tripp….he’s perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Tyson Anthony is the guy who wrote the About Him book series that the web series was based on.He is another person it might be interesting hearing from.

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