That Time They Wanted To Live Their Glory Days As Pre-Baller Wolves

sometimes we miss our callings.
this following story an f-bi sent me proves just that.
so two jackals were upset over a messed up food order.
instead of talking to the manager,
or walking they fuck out,
they decided to do an impromptu audition for:


the ny daily news has more on this nonsense…

A second ex-college baseball player has been busted for beaning avocados at a Bronx deli clerk over a bungled order, officials said.

Jestyfer Henriquez, a former shortstop at Onondaga Community College, was arrested Friday and charged with assault, according to police.

The slugger, who goes by the nickname Jay, has 11 previous arrests, according police officials.

His pal, Brad Gomez, 28, was arrested a day earlier for his role in the May 29 attack at Stadium Gourmet Deli on E. 161st St. and Walton Ave.

Gomez, who played hardball at Monroe College, was arraigned Friday morning. He was later released on $5,000 bail later in the day.

Video footage of the melee went viral after it appeared to show Gomez grabbing a handful of avocados and hurling them one by one at the deli clerk, 21-year-old Amir Alzabibi.

One pitch fractured Alzabibi’s eye socket and jaw.

The video also appears to show Henriquez, 25, hurling two avocados and knocking over a shelf of potato chips.

this is the video:

is your patience that bad you gotta have a temper tantrum?
not only that,
you had to throw avocados???
if only they had this gusto chasing their careers…

article cc: ny daily news

6 thoughts on “That Time They Wanted To Live Their Glory Days As Pre-Baller Wolves

  1. This was senseless and uncalled for. Now they have caught charges for this. I swear, we stray further and further each day.

  2. Not even close to surprised when you are treated as a god and put on a pedestal your entire life of course you are going to believe that the world owes you even after they’ve given up on you.

      1. If my friend had done some stupid foolishness like that, I’d knock him upside his head and walked away. He would just be pissed at me.
        THAT was just stupid on SO many levels. They deserve what they get.
        And like Jamari said…all over a messed up food order?! you’re going to jail because they got your FOOD ORDER wrong and you decide to act a fool.
        I think I read that the guy told him he could make the order over.

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