hank aaron left us as well.

lawd ham mercy,
what is going on today?
it comes to a point where we will lose our legends.
we are not meant to stay here on earth permanently.
as we age; so do they.
what is good to know is that they made a difference with their time here on earth.
hank aaron,
our black baseball great,
is not with us anymore as well…

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grab him by the dick (at a baseball game)

when i get my wolf,
i’m gonna secretly grab his dick in public.
cause i’m a freak and i can.
well a foxholer sent me the following video sent me a dick grab at a baseball game.

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now ya’ll know that hugging video was gay af!

most straight males are not taught to be emphatic.
some of us don’t even know how to be compassionate.
i should know.
some gay males can be as worse as our straight counterparts.
life can teach you how to understand and feel for others.
i should know that too.
life has handed me the lemons to make a lemonade stand.
it’s titled:

The Foxhole

i saw a video where two mlb baller wolves were caught in an embrace.
one baller wolf is in his lap,
while the other is stroking his hair

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Danry Vasquez Smacked Her Around Because He Loved Her

cute couple,
you’ll learn soon enough.
social media has this way of making you THINK everything is all good.
i’ve had friends post their “ain’t shit/good for nothings” with captions:

“NIGHT OUT WITH BAE *heart emoji*”


and my ultimate fav:


…and got mad dick/clit riders in the comments.
i’ve learned,
thanks to the foxhole and life,
that you never truly know what’s going on behind the scenes.
some of those “lovey dovey” pictures can hide true horrors.
so ^that picture above is danry vasquez,
a baseball baller jackal,
and his fiance.
a video was leaked from a ’16 incident in the whataburger field stadium stairwell.
this is what was released…
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That Time They Wanted To Live Their Glory Days As Pre-Baller Wolves

sometimes we miss our callings.
this following story an f-bi sent me proves just that.
so two jackals were upset over a messed up food order.
instead of talking to the manager,
or walking they fuck out,
they decided to do an impromptu audition for:


the ny daily news has more on this nonsense…
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What Do We Think of Matt Kemp?

I know he was bangin’ Rihanna for a little while,
and that is when I first heard of him.
I’m not a baseball Wolf hunter too much so excuse my lateness.
I see EVERYONE ridin’ his dick like he is the finest thing since frog hair.

But my question is….

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