now ya’ll know that hugging video was gay af!

most straight males are not taught to be emphatic.
some of us don’t even know how to be compassionate.
i should know.
some gay males can be as worse as our straight counterparts.
life can teach you how to understand and feel for others.
i should know that too.
life has handed me the lemons to make a lemonade stand.
it’s titled:

The Foxhole

i saw a video where two mlb baller wolves were caught in an embrace.
one baller wolf is in his lap,
while the other is stroking his hair

the male straights were throwing all kinds of hate boners towards it.
some of the straights love to judge,
until it’s a “black lives matter” or “me too” issue,
then it’s all straights on deck.
the male gays were already putting it up as “relationship goals”.
some gays don’t even know how to be friends,
let alone get into a full blown relationship.
i didn’t see much opinions from the vixens.
if that was two vixens,
it would be whatever.
we’re programmed that anything like that is remotely feminine.
i was waiting for the story before i gave an opinion on the foxhole.
well that explanation soon arrived down my twitter timeline.

the one in lap allegedly found out his mother had died in the middle of a game.

the sentiments,
on my end,
was that display being very brave and touching if that is true.
it’s not easy to lose a parent.
it’s worst when you can’t be there during their final moments.
like clockwork,
the narrative didn’t change once the real story was revealed.
it never does.
the homophobia got amplified and

“he coulda done something else”
“he too close!”
“why he rubbing his hair like that?”
“it was still gay af.”

i’d hate to see what they won’t allow if it was them.
it’s sad when having emotions makes you “gay af” but kissin/ telling,
being petty,

and not confronting issues is what makes us more masculine.
i guess that makes more sense.

lowkey: i woulda done the same for another male in that video
you could as well call me a big black bitch.
my masculinity isn’t defined by those things.
if that video is gay then this is gay too:

i font what i font.

18 thoughts on “now ya’ll know that hugging video was gay af!

  1. I think it’s kind of sad that somebody just made up a story about his mother dying. Probably because they couldn’t understand how there could be this much intimacy between to men unless it was because of a tragic event like the death of a parent.Also that thousands of people ran with the story despite the fact that nobody close to him confiming it.I didn’t believe it because I’ve noticed these sports organizations generally post tweets when a team member loses a child,sibling,etc offering condolences.Also there were news stories about it when I Googled it a couple of days ago.
    I’m glad his mom is fine and I am glad there has been all this discussion of this topic.Sadly tonight I’m saying more negative comments tonight now that people are learning he was not being comforted or consoled because his mother died.

  2. All these dissertations and it turns out his mom is just fine.

    They’re just embracing and his head is being stroked by his “friend”…for whatever reason 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. American “straight” men, Blacks in particular, have the most toxic masculinity in the world, even over countries that still treat women as second class citizens because even in those countries, the men support each other through hard times. Ain’t no “crying is for sissies/faggots”. Straight men in European countries walk arm in arm like it’s nothing. Middle Eastern men hug, kiss and hold hands.

    The gentlemen in the video look to be Hispanic/Latino, and many of those cultures are emotionally expressive, particularly when grieving. How anyone can see that after knowing the circumstances and still call it gay is stoopidicrous at the lowest level. Jamari, even before you fonted that he lost his mother, it looked to me like he was being comforted. I know a lot of men that are calmed by their heads being stroked; that was the fasted way to knock me out all the way through elementary.

    I would bet money that all those with sumthin to say only WISH they were comfortable enough on their manhood to comfort or be comforted like that with a bruh. Of course, projected self-hatred is also a factor.

  4. I saw this video seems a day or two ago and didnt know the context and really didnt even put too much into it, and now I see it has blew up all across social media. When I saw the context, it really touched me. I remember when my father died, even though I knew he was dying and had prepared myself, it still hit me like a ton of bricks. I would have given anything to have a friend or lover comfort me, but I had neither during this time. I held up to the outside world but was a mess inside, I think I still am. No one can began to know what a gentle hug could do for you especially from a man who would care enough about you to make sure you are okay. I still wish I had someone to comfort me like this. I am the strong one everyone looks up too as far as family and friends, so I had to be strong for my family members, but I realize I need someone too. My hearts go out to this young man who lost his mother, and my props to his teammate for not given AF what others think. Clearly they are from another culture, so many of us
    in our culture gay and str8 are so messed up inside due to never showing any emotion and holding it all inside. I am guilty, I have been brought as so many to believe showing emotion is showing weakness when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. This shows me that for all the so called progress we have made, we havent really made any, and the str8 world still does not respect us in the least, no doubt why so many of us stay hidden.

  5. I’m not homophobic in the least but it’s still gay af. And that’s not a bad thing. Clearly they have some level of intimacy that made them both comfortable embracing this way. Whether it’s seclxual or not. One needed comfort and another provided it. One or both of them are. Straight men do not do this …and it doesn’t make them homophobic of they do not understand this. This display of effecting is just not demonstrated in a straightale environment regardless of the reason . Does it make them homophobic..not necessarily. Does it make them naive to think men, gay, bisexual or pan sexual do this naturally.

    1. Well that was ignorant.. To assume you know what a straight man will or won’t do in times of grief..

      1. It’s called thinking like a man. Some gays only think with their gay brain. I’m not say men don’t want affection. In the straight male culture on America thus wouldn’t happen between 2 straight men

        Before I realized and decided my feelings for the same sex I was straight, lived the life and could write the book. Even now none of my male friends are gay and I’m telling you this type of affection would not happen. a man may give another man a hug but they nor caressing another man’s hair in between his legs. Cmon man

    2. Hold up I gotta get this straight bruh, you think you’re more qualified at being a man because you were in the closet? Stop while you’re ahead.

      Homophobic is not the word to describe you. Look up toxic masculinity. It’s an issue deep in black culture and a sign of ignorance. Black men are so busy trying to look ‘hard’ that they don’t see the damage it causes. Drugs become the way to dull emotions. Then they use this to justify emotionally neglecting their sons.
      Yeah, it shows a lack of intelligence, no other way to put it.

      1. No bruh..and being in the closet is one thing which I never said I was..and living life as a man around other men are straight is another. Smh

    3. Latinos and Islanders don’t think like we do. They are fine. Plus, they play around like that all the time.

  6. Thanks for getting the backstory to this clip and its all over tumblr. I though the same being goal oriented myself and i know those announcers going to get some backlash too!!

    1. The players are Ronald Acuna Jr and Ozzie Albies for the Atlanta Braves. They always play around. There are plenty of videos of them acting crazy. No one’s mother died. One is from Venezuela, the other from Curacao. It’s crazy how people make up stories.

  7. gay or straight, muthafuqqahs were absolutely asinine, insensitive, immature, ignorant and foolish in their rush to judge and lay a man out and NOT KNOW WHY! MOREOVER: it ain’t they damn bizness. Jam-jam, you bettah know that these self-same judgemental mothafuqqahs will sooner rather than later turn around and find themselves wondering why ain’t there no one here for me in my time of sorrow, grief, or need. Karma..that Bitch don’t miss nuthin.

  8. Yeah it comes from our desire to be accepted and our fantasy of being loved by a man. Something silly as friends comforting one another is taken as bae goals because most gays want to be seen in the same light. Normal. But I also get how making everything a gay thing can be annoying af. Freedom of expression.

    It is nice to see guys be this vulnerable in such a public display. Men are more than what we have been conditioned to be. I always say the best part of being gay is being able to play within the colors of masculinity which does include a level of femininity that most deny.

  9. This really annoyed me when I saw this joked about by GAY men earlier today as “#baegoals”… he lost his mom… we find a way to make everything a thing. *insert lengthy eyeroll* it’s really no better than homophobes saying it’s “gay af”. Let the man be consoled in his time of need.

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