baller and married, tim anderson, allegedly got a ruthless hoe pregnant

i don’t know why males get married in their 20s.
i don’t know why baller wolves even lie to themselves getting married.
if you are cute and come into a lot of money,
the hoes will be out like vultures trying to get penis and a paycheck.
they want to get pregnant so they don’t have to work again.
tim anderson,
who plays for the chicago white sox


…is married to bria anderson since 2017 and has two kids with her.
it didn’t stop his sperm from infiltrating ari fletcher’s friend cause…

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now ya’ll know that hugging video was gay af!

most straight males are not taught to be emphatic.
some of us don’t even know how to be compassionate.
i should know.
some gay males can be as worse as our straight counterparts.
life can teach you how to understand and feel for others.
i should know that too.
life has handed me the lemons to make a lemonade stand.
it’s titled:

The Foxhole

i saw a video where two mlb baller wolves were caught in an embrace.
one baller wolf is in his lap,
while the other is stroking his hair

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David Denson: The Right Way To Publicly Come Out The Closet?

Brewers-minor-leaguer-David-Deyou know when someone comes out the closet in sports or hollywood,
usually the motivation is to sell some magazines or t-shirts.
shortly after,
the skeletons get exposed and “we” end up being over them.
when the world is your stage,
there is always a hidden agenda in the background.
well that may not have been the case of mlb baller wolf,
david denson.
he recently came out the closet with very little agenda.
cnn had this to say…

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(Baller Wolf) This Could Be Us

tumblr_narkux0X3M1rcqcqmo1_500yeah that could be us…
but i only like to be tackled.
direct me to the baller wolves who like a nice tight end from a fox.

give head like a common whore

available to start 8/23/2014.
references upon request.

*picture does not represent the sexuality of the players in the picture.

picture courtesy: nfl groupie

What Do We Think of Matt Kemp?

I know he was bangin’ Rihanna for a little while,
and that is when I first heard of him.
I’m not a baseball Wolf hunter too much so excuse my lateness.
I see EVERYONE ridin’ his dick like he is the finest thing since frog hair.

But my question is….

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