baller and married, tim anderson, allegedly got a ruthless hoe pregnant

i don’t know why males get married in their 20s.
i don’t know why baller wolves even lie to themselves getting married.
if you are cute and come into a lot of money,
the hoes will be out like vultures trying to get penis and a paycheck.
they want to get pregnant so they don’t have to work again.
tim anderson,
who plays for the chicago white sox


…is married to bria anderson since 2017 and has two kids with her.
it didn’t stop his sperm from infiltrating ari fletcher’s friend cause…


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she allegedly has 2 other kids by 2 different males.

tim deleted his ig as well.
if this is true,
hoes today are MESSY.
they are ruthless and don’t gaf.
you see the nonsense that ( x the late rapper trouble was in ).
as much as you think you can hide your relationship,
if a hoe wants your manz,
he/she/it will go after him with no issues.

I like a quiet hoe.

one who lives in their triflin’ without needed applause.
that type of hoe has always been my spirit animal.
social media has made hoes too cheeky for my taste.
if i was fuckin’ with someone else’s pineapple:

I move like the old hoes of yesteryear.

you know the ones that you didn’t even know existed.
i’d move in silence and leave no crumbs in my trail of hoedom.
secrecy is more of a turn-on for me anyway.
in and out with a bag in the process.

i wonder if tim’s wife will leave if the alleged is true?
i’m sure she will ugly cry but she knew what she was getting into.
baller wolves are rarely ever faithful.
if she leaves,
both of these vixens are gonna rape his pockets monthly.
for his sake,
it’s cheaper to keep her.

lowkey: tim is worth 500,000.
2 kids and an alleged side hoe baby.

that is not a side hoe baby salary.
this sounds like a downgrade in womb space.
she shouldn’t be dancing in the video.

13 thoughts on “baller and married, tim anderson, allegedly got a ruthless hoe pregnant

  1. Tim is a big ol hoe and it’s not a secret, especially around Chicago circles lol he had a cheating scandal before like a year or 2 ago. The wife is probably trying to stick it out and play the long game. He is expected to get a big contract in a year or 2 that will be about 18 – 22 million a year.

    I wouldn’t quite leave just yet either with his current salary you walking away with pennies compared to what he’s potentially about to get.

  2. What’s sad is I remember people on Twitter actually celebrating him, a black athlete for actually marrying a black girl and look what this nicca turned around and did smh

  3. A lot of the time I regret being born in 1990. We’re in the middle of that stage of being apart of this who fake reality culture that finding a significant other has become increasingly difficult for us past 30. People are in it for themselves, where growing a following at any means necessary for attention is the way to go. No one cares about broken homes and the mental stability of the children, and inflated sense of self has created this disproportionate reality of what people want vs deserve.

    I dread my little cousins who just turn 18, who now have to grow up in the culture of identity politics in the age of social media. I’m all for sexual liberation and learning about who you are but sometimes its like have several seats please. Literally introduced me into a friend that identifies as a Him/They which preferences as asexually mixed with Autosexual BUT will sleep with her because she wants to have a threesum with 2 guys. Like I cannot anymore.

    1. ^ you are literally fonting something i think about daily.

      wtf is even happening anymore?
      when did the downtrodden and raggamuffin go into style?
      people doing crime and literally advertising it on social media.
      it’s like we are in the upside-down place these days.
      nothing makes sense to me anymore.
      the things i’m sent from the foxhole usually has me baffled.

      1. Like I KNEW we were headed for a dumpster fire when we kept calling chivalrous behavior “simping”, that the idea of opening doors, being polite to someone, giving a compliment, asking someone out on a date and paying is simping. Insulting Russell Wilson by calling him square for acting how a man should act and praising Future.

        I wish our ancestor, who constantly kept talking about living in our last days, prophecy could just hurry TF up and have the rapture come already. I am ready to go lol

        1. ^ someone JUST called russell corny on the foxhole.
          people are legit defending saucy santana because they think he is right about what he said about bey’s kid.

          my grandmother use to always talk about the end of the world as a jehovah’s witness.
          like you,
          i wouldn’t be shocked if the rapture was on the way.

          omg i thought of something…
          imagine waking up and seeing you weren’t raptured LMAO

          1. I am an Aries, descendants of the original God of War, I am here for the chaos and madness if left behind 😂

          2. ^ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

            ima have to recruit some goons and become a super villain that controls a few neighborhoods like this was gotham.

        2. The issue with Russell is that he’s corny and his actions, like his wife’s, come off performative. They’re fakin.

          1. @Girlwest

            I’d rather Ciara and Russell fake nice than fake bad girl like Rihanna was 2008-2015

            I like people pretending to be better because we as black people need more positive examples it’s enough trash in the media

    2. Yes S&M!!!! That’s my dilemma

      Too old for the bullshit too young for the gen x which in my opinion was the realest generation

      they were outside !!! Ain’t no room for fake shit in that Mary j lil Kim faith Evans era

      And you won’t know all their business on Instagram

      I feel cheated bc I was born at the wrong time everything Is done for clout who we date who we find sexy what we wear our careers

      1. What’s wild to me is that people feel more inclined to ask me what’s my Instagram handle when first initially talking to me and not my number. Some dude that I was cute said he wanted to get to know me better and thought a fake curated Instagram life would be better than actual one on one conversation. People continue to look shocked when I say I don’t have a Instagram. I see so many get sucked into scrolling for hours before they even know the time has passed. I’m over it all and about to E-harmony and date a man 10 years older than me 😂

  4. Imagine having an orgasm than having to worry about becoming a parent. How unsexy.

    Thank GOD I’m not bi. Not pan. Just a big ole HOMO.

    I can’t relate to these issues. Diseases are scary but you can catch them so many way. Just..heteros..seem to not have learned smh

    I can’t imagine being so horny I go raw in a woman, as straight guys do. What happened to post-coitus clarity???? DO you not say: WTHECK did I just do?

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