so i won’t be wfh for this company

karaoke just got one.
the pretty vixen is in one.
fancy just had an interview about one.
everyone is scoring work-from-home jobs but me.
indeed is full of scams so beware.

I’ve had randoms that are clearly in Mumbai telling me about working for the FDNY.

karaoke put me on to a wfh company called liveops.
they specialize in customer service wfh gigs for companies.
she knows after my last situation,
i don’t want to deal with the “in-office” corporate sector again.
she knows i’m heavy on the career grind so i need more than a typical 9 to5.
i filled out their application and when i saw i got a response back quick,
i was like i’m innnnnnnn baby.
not so fast jamari…


i clearly didn’t see the part that NY was ruled out of this company.
it seems all the southern states can apply.
so yeah…
the marathon continues.

lowkey: i had mega-pause on the training process tho.
your laptop has to be connected to your router.
they train you for 3 to 5 weeks unpaid before each assignment.
the classes are like 5 hours and
you cannot do it on wifi.
there was a lot that came with getting booked.
The Universe clearly knows whats up.

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7 thoughts on “so i won’t be wfh for this company”

  1. You’ll find something better. I was informed of Liveops from a friend a few years ago. She did it before attending Law school. Her white classmates put her on. Check Southwest airlines I heard they have work from home positions. Try patient service work from home jobs. They’ll train you you’re just registering patients for Dr appts, etc.

    1. This is why I fux w this site. This is the type of stuff I like to see. Brothas helping brothas instead of just being messy and hurling unnecessary insults at any and everyone. You probably just helped a lot more ppl than you realize by sharing this info.

  2. Chile I told you those work from home jobs were few and far between. Definitely try Southwest Airlines because I heard they are hiring too! Good luck, I wish you would have been on this last year before everybody was forced back to work since unemployment cut them off. You would have had your pick of the litter. Good luck on your job hunt and continued blessings! I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes living in expensive ass NYC. My ass would have migrated with the quickness lol.

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