so i won’t be wfh for this company

karaoke just got one.
the pretty vixen is in one.
fancy just had an interview about one.
everyone is scoring work-from-home jobs but me.
indeed is full of scams so beware.

I’ve had randoms that are clearly in Mumbai telling me about working for the FDNY.

karaoke put me on to a wfh company called liveops.
they specialize in customer service wfh gigs for companies.
she knows after my last situation,
i don’t want to deal with the “in-office” corporate sector again.
she knows i’m heavy on the career grind so i need more than a typical 9 to5.
i filled out their application and when i saw i got a response back quick,
i was like i’m innnnnnnn baby.
not so fast jamari…

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