Chance The Rapper Gets The Wrong Kind of Shout Out Yesterday

this is the moment that i said out loud “sit down chance”.
chance the rapper gave us a teachable moment yesterday.
when you want to help a lost one from going to the dark side,
but you should really be minding your damn business,
because now look what “had” happened…

…you got “the orange one” giving you a whole shout out.

after seeing that,
and getting a good teachable dragging,
chance got that apology together to post on twitter:

it’s okay chance.
it is ooookkkkaaaaayyyyy.
you’ll be forever connected to “the orange one” by that tweet,
but we skull dragged tf outta you for putting on that cape.
i bet he won’t be making that mistake in the future again.
he’ll learn to sit down and eat his food next time.
let this be a lesson to all of us tho.
in the famous words of j cole on “no role modelz” (irony?):


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Chance The Rapper Gets The Wrong Kind of Shout Out Yesterday”

  1. There’s something about chance the rapper that doesnt sit right with me. I cannot even listen any of his songs. I have tried and i just cant make it through any of them.

  2. Is it bad that I think Chance is cute? Not in the sexual way but I just find him cute.

    Btw J Cole is struggling to top his 2014 FHD album. This album still hasn’t grown on me.. It’s sad to say that his first 3 albums still trump his last 2.

    I hope Drake doesn’t disappoint.

  3. I think Chance is cute too. Something about his personality. Anywho, once people reach a certain point in their lives they don’t care what others think & start doing as they please.

    Situations like this also show who are the ones that are really for you and who are the posers. I say be happy and live your life as you see fit. You can’t please everyone & you shouldn’t have to, except yourself & what you believe in.

  4. I kind of found Chance attractive until I saw him in just his boxers and no hat, i don’t know his necklessness kind of turned that attractiveness off for me.

    Now this situation I guess i see what he meant about black people not having to vote democrat but him using that to defend kanye after kanye supported trump was not the best move

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