“Poop Pee De Scoop”: A Masterpiece From Your Fav


this is our fashion designer ya’ll!
“fall off” x 18.
…and why does he look like a black trump in that picture?
so many questions.
so kanye released a snippet for his alleged new song called “lift yourself”.
“the shade room” gave us a first listen and well…

“poop de woop scoop!

i think i found the bop.
i can sense he made this for the the maga crowd.

well if he ain’t trolling us heavy,
that sounds like how he looks.
i have no further comment.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Poop Pee De Scoop”: A Masterpiece From Your Fav

  1. Legit sounds like the state of America right now all over the place & a bunch of nonsense.

    Do i see the ye stans still saying it knocks? Yes do I see those gummi bear looking slides being a 2k18 Stable even if they look like Wal-Mart originals? Yes

    P.s: I know its not finished but good lord it just sounds a mess

  2. And honestly, if this is a ploy to get people into listening to his new album thats a complete new low for him. Think about it, he’s resulting to theatrics because he doesn’t have enough faith or confidence in his own legacy of work that he has to do all this.

  3. Honestly if he removes his vocals it might just be a bop LOL!

    Either way fans will buy it. The whole “cancelled” culture is BS if the person already has a solid fan base. People cancelling him will be listening to his new album & streaming. If people really are over him they need to stop giving him attention period because that’s what he wants. And folks are feeding into it with their emotions as usual/

    I never really cared for Kanye’s music so IDC either way. I just wish folks weren’t so fickle and gullible.

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