i wouldn’t be me without YOU

before i start today,
i wanted to send love to my foxhole community.
as you know,
i’m a one-fox tank but i appreciate all those who support me.
 i wanted to give a big shout-out to some special foxholers today…


my little foxholers who knows exactly what i’m interested in.
my trusted sources who supply me with stories,
hot tea,
and new sexy wolves/attentionistos on the forest blocks.

You all are the backbone of The Foxhole.

there are days i’m clueless about what to post.
it might be a slows new cycle but i’ll check emails/dms:

there are a lot of goodies i don’t post because it may out someone.
other times,
i stew on it until i can connect it with something else.
many times,
it all slides into a current scandal nice and easy.
the fact you all trust me enough is humbling.

So thank you to all the F-BI squad.
Giving A+s across the board.
Continue being dope and nosy.

love ya.

lowkey: some of these folks underestimate how deep the foxhole runs.
they’ll figure it out eventually.

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