10 years is a long time to not get any sex while in prison (with another male)

i wrote an entry about a very legal 22-year-old,
and his current sex work while in prison.
it seems he is living it up and according to the foxhole…

He is allegedly getting paid for his Onlyfans content.

so he is getting fed,
gets to be on social media,
and can live out his sexual fantasies with sexy jailbirds.
i was on reddit the other day and saw this question about being in prison.
it was on the sub “/explainlikeim5“…

How do people in prison get so jacked with terrible nutrition and no supplements?

i mean,
what else do they have to do?

so as i was reading,
i came across these two comments about the fear of being raped in prison.
while it does happen:

so i guess we have to assume:

Any male who went away for a bid,
longer than 5 years,
is it safe to assume he got into something behind bars?

this would explain why atl.tayh is having all the fun.

see: reddit thread

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “10 years is a long time to not get any sex while in prison (with another male)”

  1. It’s situational sexuality. Some people are more flexible and can take more opportunities than others when their regular preferences aren’t available. You see similar gay behavior in all boys/all girls schools.

  2. Well let me go binge watch Oz on HBOMax because this whole Atltayh thing, not the first but he definitely getting the benefits of being in jail

  3. Ppl ain’t raping in prison in 2023. Straight men are smashing female corrections officers, nurses, etc. Gay and spectrum men are having consensual sex, and minding their business. Tay is clearly in the ‘gay’ wing, so he is living his best life. Yall think mofos have entire phones, but are getting raped in the damn hallway?! Stop.

  4. I have a stepbrother who was on drugs and always in and out of prison, usually for drug possession or some petty crime linked to it. This around 1985 or so — I was 21 years old. My stepbrother was a dark-skinned, built, handsome brother who wore his hair slicked back in waves. He resembled the actor Cleavant Derricks from that old TV show “Sliders.” Once he was on parole from prison and staying with us in my bedroom – I had a twin bed on one side of the room and he had another twin bed on the other side. He flirted with me constantly, especially if he caught me just getting out of the shower or getting dressed. He would walk up behind me and rub my shoulders and whisper in my ear, so close I could feel his hot breathe. “Let me show you a new kind of love,” he would say. It was creepy as hell. And he was a decade older than me which just added to the weirdness. It got so bad I would stay up a college as much as I could (I was a commuter) to avoid him. My mother came home from work one day and walked up the stairs and caught him practically chasing me around the bedroom. I guess she told my stepfather, a no-nonsense Black man that you don’t see much of nowadays. Kind of like James Evans on Good Times. He didn’t talk much but when my Stepfather did he shot straight from the hip – I mean he was brutal. About a week later at Sunday dinner we were all sitting around the table and my stepfather turned an looked at his son. My stepbrother had violated his parole and was in danger of going back in the pen. My Stepfather’s eyes narrowed and he sucked his teether and said, “Why you always going in and out of prison? I know why. You just want to go back in prison because you like niggers fucking you up the ass.” It got so quiet around the table you could have heard a mouse piss on a ball of cotton. My stepbrother started sputtering and then crying “Daddy, why would you say something like that,” he whined. That’s when I realized that whole side of the family knew what he was up to in prison. This was Washington, D.C. and everyone knew down at Lorton prison in Virginia so word got out on who was doing who in jail. My stepbrother quickly got up left the table and moved out soon after. I was so relieved. For the record, he had a girlfriend but a lot of guys who go to prison have boyfriends behind bars and girls back at home.

    1. ^ WHOA!!!
      that was a good read!!

      i hate when dudes become predators and can’t take no for answer.
      it makes so uncomfortable and it’s not sexy at all.

      it’s wild how everyone knew what he was up being in and out of jail.
      this is why many girlfriends and wives are just beards to keep people off their scent.
      some women don’t play with hail birds tho.
      they already “know”.
      in this day and age,
      they’ll shack up with a gay male who is willing to spend.
      attantionisto fredo is one who played the game to his advantage after being in jail.

      1. Thanks for the note Jamari. I had forgot all about my stepbrother’s antics until you wrote this great post. The memory came back. Lately, I have bee n reading research that says, despite what we saw on HBO’s Oz and other TV shows, prison rape is rare. In fact, this study of prison inmates said 30 percent reported they had consensual sex in jail (http://wapercyfoundation.org/?page_id=413) and that same-sex acts were tolerated as long as they were discreet. I read an tweet from a social worker who worked in prisons who was hired to help protect men who might have been raped. She found out on the job that very few rapes occurred and most sex is consensual.

    2. A lot of the guys I’ve known growing up who’ve gone to prison, there have been “stories” in the neighborhood once they get out. They will portray the masculine dude in groups, but you see them alone and they whispering in your ear. It’s wild.

    3. Yes, Immanuel. That was a good read. So you grew up back in the day when DL was truly DL! And I could read your stories all day long. Keep posting please.

  5. Walk down the block during the summer smelling good and you will attract “straight” men . DLs are everywhere. So when they get to prison they’re just acting on things they’ve always thought about. And those who never thought about it probably find their “type” in prison and bond mentally which leads to connection

    1. ^ this is a dope perspective and i 100% see that.

      summer is the best time to bag dl males since everyone is outside and showing tf out.

  6. I know men who’ve been locked down who actually want to go back and do all kinds of foul shit to get locked up and sent away again. Think about it… they get 3 hot meals, don’t have to be responsible, and can suck and fuck all of the dick they love, need, and want baby. Society is a different concept on the “inside” and things that people get vilified for out in the world don’t get a second thought in prison.

    1. ^what is scary to me is the people who got released,
      realized how life is with a record,
      and killing someone to go back to jail.

      i could be off base with that but i do think about it a lot.

  7. i don’t know, that might be the case. Being locked up and not able to get any may end up morphing their brains. i remember someone claiming early 00’s porn star Tiger Tyson got turned out in prison.

      1. Morphing probably wasn’t the right word. I just meant the human brain is weird and maybe one being deprived of sexual activity might cause the brain to flip a switch like “you need sex, you gotta get it somehow.” I don’t really know if i actually believe someone can get turned out. They were probably always bisexual.

        I’ve heard of them getting other men to dress in women’s clothing for the sex part and some of those men get so used to it they eventually become a full on transvestite. I know for a fact this has happened but don’t know how common it is.

        1. ^okay,
          that makes sense.
          i wanna learn more about this cause i find male sexuality so interesting.
          things are way different than in the past.
          males are exploring their curiosities and its so interesting to see.

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