before you join “the boy’s club” in defending jonathan majors…

jonathan majors has been the talk of the weekend.
i think everyone is in collective shock or has an alleged story to tell.
as of recent,
he has been released from jail and the victim has recanted their story.
( x see it here )
everyone is ready to blame someone but ima gonna font this…

1 – We don’t know him.
We don’t anything about him besides what he shows us in interviews.
PR people will do all kinds of test interviews to make sure you are media-ready.
Do you know how many celebs teams hit me up because they were cleaning up bad behavior and I wrote a story about their client?
This is not about favor; this is about money.

2 – His lawyers and team are supposed to say he is innocent.
That is why he is paying them.

3 – Many DV victims recant stories all the time.
Many victims are regula degulas going up against someone in the public eye.

4 – The video footage will exonerate him.
They need to release that footage because this will travel with him forever.

5 – His dating preference doesn’t excuse him from being abusive.
So white vixens are automatically public enemy number 1?
Some of these folks dragged Rihanna and Megan Thee Stallion for their stories.
Those two didn’t even want their abuse/trauma publicized and were still blamed.

6 – Some people think he is “ugly” or “off” so that means he is guilty.

7 – A foxholer shared this with me yesterday:

8 – Something is off with this story but everyone is a suspect “until”,
including him.

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9 thoughts on “before you join “the boy’s club” in defending jonathan majors…”

  1. I always hate when stuff like this happens to black people because it just feels like every step forward and there are 5 steps backwards. The struggle to just do what you love and do it on a high level is so annoying. He has a nice bawdy but I’m not invested in him so this can go either way tbh. I just hate to see a black man ascending then something happens and it they become a stereotype or a joke. They did that to Terry Crews who has a great body as well. I think only The Rock has been able to maintain his status with his incredible bawdy and sex appeal and he’s been able to diversify into other areas which I fully support from his athletic wear to his tequila, I support that black Samoan with my coins. Good luck to Jonathan coming out of this unscathed from one black man to another.

  2. Personally, I think he fucked up his bag. The stigma alone, whether guilty or innocent, is enough to turn off advertisers.
    I wonder how this is gonna play out with Marvel. He is the big bad for the next Phase of movies.

  3. I agree, her recanting means nothing.I have had several family members and friends/neighbors who are survivors of domestic violence.All of them have recanted/lied to protect him when it came time for the abuser to be arrested or before the trial.And their abusers were not famous with high powered attorneys.

    The video footage is the key.The police said she had injuries so I hope it shows if she was injured during the incident.
    We will see

    1. ^ they always release video footage quickly especially when someone is innocent.
      it would help make their client a bigger star and show how someone was trying to destroy him as he rose.

      this is why it feels like something is off.

  4. My only problem was the piling on his former classmates were doing. I hate twitter accusing people of serious things then suffering no consequences when it comes out they were wrong. I don’t really care about him. People need to just let it play out and stop trying to use the court of public opinion to sway people.

    He’d be only one in thousands of people who were given a great opportunity but fucked it up because they can’t control themselves. I don’t understand it but it’s been happening a lot lately.

    1. ^ as a black male who creates content,
      it is very difficult to get into a white-dominated industry.
      black folks trying to get into hollywood endure so much especially when you aren’t a nepotism child.
      we have to face tremendous amounts of rejection PLUS not being supported when we need it.

      when we get great opportunities,
      and being praised for our talents,
      its really disappointing to see some black folks throw it away once ego hits.
      i’m not saying jonathan is guilty,
      but if he is,
      it would be very sad knowing all the support he was getting for his performances.

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