we all have to live like we may die in a hail of bullets? (another mass shooting)

another mass shooting; another divide for the country.
i woke today so drained.
i didn’t feel like doing shit but staying in bed.
i’m writing this still in bed atm.
you think we are in the clear and we get humbled very quickly.
so another demon has shot up a school.
this time it happened in a private christian school in nashville.
3 kids and 3 adults perished in the bullets of a maniac.
i watched the footage of this silly bitch entering the school earlier…

just walking around like a dizzy lost idiot.
this was her last statements to someone on ig:


such a selfish asshole.

Instead of taking her own life,
she decided to take others and our own lives with her.

she wanted to die so they took her tf out:

everyone is yelling for more gun control but i need everyone to stop.
they will NEVER get rid of guns down south.
is it even guns or how easy it is to acquire them?
andy ogles,
a republican congressman of nashville,

and his thoughts on his family christmas photo after this incident:


these republicans don’t gaf,
the people who vote for them daf,
and i think society needs a new strategy cause this is getting ridiculous.

lowkey: apparently,
the demon was liked and people are shocked within their community.
she was an artist and was deemed “sweet”.

( x read about them here )

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “we all have to live like we may die in a hail of bullets? (another mass shooting)”

  1. I am so sick and tired of these school shootings. The NRA is padding the pockets of these republican and that’s the reason why they don’t want to change. They are afraid to lose the money. Yet, there are innocent children losing their lives for no apparent reason. These precious little ones are the future. If we don’t put a stop to this killing it’s going to continue to happen.

  2. The NRA always blame mental abuse before doing something about guns. They will never get a ban on those weapons without something happening to them.

    1. True Bad Boyz Club
      They were ready to hang block head ass Mike Pence and he pivoted and went on to defend his potential killers. These crazy killer crackers are sick and they suck.

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