fame might be dancing out of some gays hearts, fantasies, and bookmarks

some of the gays are mad at gay onlyfans star,
he didn’t say anything wild or kick a kitten down a flight of stairs.
a foxholer sent me this


I tried it what y’all think can I dance lol #toomanyglockies #fyp #4u #dance

♬ original sound – ???? Optimistic Genius ???? ????

the comments under this video are wild.
this is why the government trying to get rid of tiktok now.
 i saw these responses on twitter:

this did make me laugh tho:

i think some gay males need to stop living vicariously through these folks.
you may end up getting disappointed each time.

Am I the only one who doesn’t pay attention to these folks until I’m either horny or they do something newsworthy?

i think the foxhole has desensitized me.
this is child’s play and expected in all honesty.
i don’t know why folks are shocked but i guess i’ll act shocked too.

lowkey: did this do a shocked pikachu face to this too?

10 thoughts on “fame might be dancing out of some gays hearts, fantasies, and bookmarks

  1. None of these ninjas are profitable or even with this discussion. NEXT!! Same old repeated shit. They all washed up and ran through.

  2. I’m done. I love us but I am done. It’s to much negativity in the net and when I come across things like this, especially the clip of the two fighting I just cringe because they are wasting to much energy on nonsense when they could just move past the antics. I wish all of us the best but there is a shift that has happened and I can no longer take part in watching how this unfolds. We claim that we support each other, yet be so quick to demean one another by calling each other F*****s and etc; yet if that were to happen from someone else outside our community we’d be enraged and willing to kill.

    Very simply, this is tired and low vibrational to watch us demean each other. Maybe it’s just me.

    I hope we all find it in our spirit to just be cool, at peace with ourselves first, and have the courage to DANCE more in this lifetime.

  3. Fame w is gymnast. If you haven’t seen him do back flips fro one to another. People needed to stop being so judgemental. Look at the guys that have been tops for the longest,now becoming or experimenting as bottom. Life events and activities do change in this world.

  4. It’s the fetishizing of black tops within our own community. Why is it a problem to people that fame is a whole human being that exists outside of sex videos.
    We got to do better.

  5. How gay men always ranting and raving about being accepted, being inclusive and being free to be them but always judging and talking shit about other men who do something they deem as too feminine?? Like make it make sense! Nobody got time for fake gays.

    Do you Fame!

  6. This site is hilarious I almost died lol at that video of the two dudes arguing threw the computer. It’s amazing how when gays arguing they have the same head movements and hand movements same verbeage it reminds me of in living color lol

  7. When will folks realize that these are people. I thought it was cute to see Fame dancing. He’s a Human being with emotions not just here to be a sexual object. We put folks on pedestals only to drop them into condemnation when they refuse to behave in the way we deem appropriate. Wheww the internet is a mess just like the world

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