is jonathan majors the fastest fall from grace we’ve ever seen? (holy sh*t)

this latest news is major
i’m not gonna be like the other folk in the community with this story.
the ones excited to see a black male in a sticky situation.
you know when black folks get caught up in the drama,
our own people be the first ones with:

“I knew he/she was trash.”
“Hated her/him.”
“I had a feeling he/she was off.”

…and all that might be true,
but it certainly doesn’t help us in the long game.

I liked what Jonathan Majors was presenting.

his bawdy was dope,
he had good views about masculinity,
but i liked the few productions he has been in.
how disappointing to read this news today…

…but it seems like he has an alleged past.
once he got in trouble,
folks from his old stomping grounds in NY had alleged stories to tell:

x see reddit thread here

if true,
is the really disappointing part.
he was a carefully crafted image like the majority of hollywood.
not only that but:

Black folks should know better.

we aren’t afforded many opportunities in white hollywood.
having a few blockbusters under our names is a blessing.
as soon as that ego hit,
and the dick starts getting sucked

Some of us do the dumbest shit to taint our reputations.

i hope this story isn’t true and i’m waiting for more context

…but how disappointing would this be?


article cc: tmz

his “loyaz” claim he is completely innocent: tmz

his ads for the army are getting pulled: the hollywood reporter

12 thoughts on “is jonathan majors the fastest fall from grace we’ve ever seen? (holy sh*t)

  1. When u sleep with the enemy this is what happens. This is no concern for black people. Not our monkey. Not our circus 😎

    1. HE BETTER SUE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE FUCKERS ON TWITTER! Make an example of them so people learn to stop doing that.

  2. This is very unfortunate . This story is moving extremely fast . It reminds me of the “Solange Jay -Z Elevator Slap.”

    Hopefully .we will get receipts ,videos , witnesses willing to talk about what really happened. The only way he can survive this is that “Becky/Karen” comes with lot of baggage , questionable history and drugs or alcohol was involved. I just can’t see this Brother ( other than dating Becky) being so reckless with such a stellar career speeding straight ahead. However , I didn’t think Bill Cosby and Will Smith would be capable of such bad judgement.

  3. i give a huge side eye to both men alleging John abused their friends. If the victims aren’t ready to come forward then why are you speaking. They should’ve waited until after the evidence is presented. They better hope he’s on video beating her ass or he can sue both of them. Hell, one accused him of being a menace professionally & personally then says he was never an eye witness to any abuse. Like huh!

    Disney/Marvel may be in some deep shit the same way DC is with Ezra Miller. This is why they need to drop these long ass series and just go back to rebooting superheroes every 4 years.

    1. Rebooting telling the same story when there are thousands of stories with these heroes

  4. I find it funny how the girlfriend went home instead of going to the hospital right away if it was that serious. She clearly was fine going home and able to sleep it off but she went to the hospital like she just had a fight, something wrong with that picture. They had a fight which was clear but going home sleeping it off and then waking up going to the hospital and showing up with bruises like it just happened, that don’t seem fishy to anybody? One of the reports, she was charging him with harassment. If he wasn’t with her and he didn’t call her, where is the harassment? Just let the facts play out and then decide how we should treat him. Why do we always take the first report and judge and condemn our own people without standing with them until proven otherwise. If the case prove otherwise then we can talk about his fall from Grace.

  5. If this is true, damn….now what is MARVEL gonna do?! He’s the next big bad in their next phase!

    1. Seeing how Kang can be replaced, the search would have to take place on Jonathan’s status if he is found guilty or not. If Guilty, they will replace him. If not guilty, his job will be safe but they will tread lightly with his image. It’s not the first time they replaced somebody and the replacement was better (War Machine/Iron Patriot). Terrence Howard was in a similar situation and when he demanded more money he was also caught in a similar scandal and was replaced with Don Cheadle.

  6. Well his attorney claims there is footage and witnesses, I think they were in a taxi cab,when the alleged incident occurred.So I will wait to see the footage.I’m pretty sure TMZ will get their hands on the video like they always do.
    I will give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Innocent until proven guilty.
    BTW the Daily Mail has video/pics of him leaving court yesterday

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