Put Me In A Temporary Position

i had to take a break today.
a quick one.
filling out applications should be considered getting the job.
so much pages that take damn near 20 minutes.
all of that to not even be considered.
well i got a callback today about a position…

it was from the head huntress i went to a few weeks ago.
she found me a temp assignment for the next 3 weeks.
9 to 5.
it comes with a pay cut,
but it’s a receptionist position at a entertainment firm.
the job should be nothing crazy.
during this time,
a full time position drops into my lap.
i had a dream today that a job called me to tell me i got hired.
felt real af.
we shall soon see.
back to the late night posting.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Put Me In A Temporary Position”

  1. Think of this as a test. She might be using this opportunity to see who you are and how you perform. Good luck!!!

  2. Yes yes yes, hopefully this temp position can turn into a permanent position. Or you can meet someone with connects in the entertainment world and open up some doors for you.

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