Baller Wolf Reggie Bush New Commercial Got Me All Wet!

tumblr_mtc65eigTW1qe8nc8o1_400this is the reggie bush i fell in lust with.
when he first debuted,
he was the finest baller wolf ever in my eyes.
he lost his swagg when he got with dim bulb kardashian,
but ever since he dropped her and had a baby,
he has been looking like his old self again.
he has a new commercial for the new sony xperia z,
which just happens to be water proof.
yeah yeah yeah #teamapple,
look at this…

that 1080p hd tho>>>>>
i’m literally dripping all over my chair!!!!!!
did you see the combo body and butt cheeks?

just all the way damn.

lowkey: one more “damn”.
i have to mess with a wolf who is sculpted like that.
i would probably cum so hard.
welcome back in the running of fine baller wolves reggie b!
also cute baby:

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.52.45 PM

17 thoughts on “Baller Wolf Reggie Bush New Commercial Got Me All Wet!

  1. Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Mmmmmmmm! Welcome back you sexy chocolate dessert! I just wanna taste those chocolate cakes!

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  2. Lawd have mercy on my soul….I did NOT just need to see that…now I am going to explode! Reggie has one of the nicest butts in the NFL.

  3. Those shorts couldn’t hold all that ass.. Reggie let ur ass be free…at my place
    S/N I guess Reggie was the pill to make u feel better lol

  4. I would love to take of those trunks and lay my hands on that ASS. Oh Reggie you can ride my pipe off into the sunset.

    His daughter is beautiful.

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