i’ll need trevor bates to download uber, like, ASAP

i love nfl baller wolves,
especially if they look like ^that.
they can be prone to crazy ass behavior if you aren’t careful.
so ^that’s trevor bates.
he plays for the lions.
well he allegedly didn’t want to pay for his cab ride to queens.
a foxholer wants to share what happened via “the daily mail”

A NFL player who refused to pay a taxi driver was hospitalized in the early hours of Saturday morning, after reportedly erupting into a fit of rage and punching a police officer.

Detroit Lions linebacker Trevor Bates, 25, was apprehended at 3 am on Saturday after he allegedly attempted to exit a taxi without paying in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Officers were called and Bates was taken to the 115th Precinct to be booked.

But as police tried to take his fingerprints, the former Patriots player became incensed and punched one cop in the eye.

Authorities say they scrambled to restrain the 6-foot-2, 240-pound Bates, and he was taken to Elmhurst Hospital to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

The sergeant is said to have been trying to calm the football-star down after he had been allegedly raging and ranting in his holding cell.

He suffered a concussion and had to have three stitches put in above his left eye at the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Queens, according to police.

general manager for the lions,
bob quinn,
released a statement to their official twitter:

trevor punched a cop tho?

why was he in jackson heights tho?
at 3am?
do i even need to ask?
and why was he paying for a cab?
was his uber/lyft app broken?
the off season antics have already begun…

i wonder if he took a yellow cab all the way to queens?
i had to take one and they tried to play me one time.
it resulted in me flippin’ tf out.
too bad he didn’t know about dollar cabs.
they woulda gave him a set fee so he’d know.
i fuck with uber/lyft these days tho.

the way how trevor was allegedly acting was strange,
but it does bring in conversations of cte.
these actions aren’t new to many other baler wolves.
that or alleged drug use.
either way,
if they had to send him to the psychiatric ward,
that isn’t a good look.
is a look tho:

i hopehe can get his issues together.
we don’t do “crazy af” baller wolves here.

lowkey: i’d like to trade “cte issues” with “good dick” for my baller wolf.

article cc: the daily mail

9 thoughts on “i’ll need trevor bates to download uber, like, ASAP

  1. I sincerely hope he was not out look for some Venus fly trap. If so, this just proves that straight men will do anything for even a sample pink portal. Stayed tuned to see what else mess str8 men get into on the next episode of Vagina Chronicles.

    But ya know, I can’t even front…Some good pipe will have you speaking in tongues at night and making him breakfast in the morning.

    Have two women fighting over a man and the man was the one cheating…

  2. He was probably trying to get him some Latina coochie because that’s all that’s in Jackson Heights.

      1. He’s an NFL player so I’m sure all he has to do is blink and those chicks will be dropping them panties.

  3. I would give Trevor a free ride anytime! 😂 But seriously I hope he gets the help he needs & everything works out for him.

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