I Tried To Ignore The Fact His Crotch Smelled Like Sanitation.

-1well look what we have here.
another normal day in the sauna.
some meat getting glazed for the picking…
but i saw something on tumblr and i had to post,
especially with the summer time here and now…

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 9.21.55 AMtrue or false statement?
could this:

be a heavyyyyyyyyyy:

warning-street-sign-gets-mustyHave you met a fine straight wolf that wasn’t zestfully clean?

lowkey: i hope baller wolves aren’t stinkin’ up the joint,
but on instagram lookin’ fresh.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I Tried To Ignore The Fact His Crotch Smelled Like Sanitation.

  1. Most def. have. Some of them you can smell a mile away lol.

    That dude in the top pic is sweating his ass off, but he damn sure can get it lol.

  2. I’ve met a few dream looking wolves that smelled like fritos and roadkill. Just horrible.

    I often hear that straight wolves don’t wash their asses because they think it’s gay???

  3. Have to disagree….especially seeing as I’m a DL_Bi bro and most of my boys to my knowledge are straight….and don’t stink and are a list of CGI’s not to mention I work around and with college athletes and they seem obsessed with showers…..IJS….may be the dudes that whomever is chasing….

  4. WHY is that nigga in a sauna with 1. Headphones 2. Socks 3. FUCKING sneakers?

    New money? First time in a sauna? Trying to look cool? Geesh niggas

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