Oh, I’ll Fuck Your Brains Out Whenever… After You Sign This Contract.

Britain Obama Russia G20 my baller wolves,
those who want to make sure their secrets are protected.
i have written about non disclosure agreements before.
there are way too many evil hoes out here lookin’ for a come up.
see: kerry rhodes and his drama.
BUT have no fear because jamari fox is here…

i was getting a document from my old job sometime ago.
the delivery man gave me his phone after he handed me the package.
i was lost as hell.
did he want me to dial someone?
did he want me to see his pictures?
worst… did he want my number?

he wanted me to put my signature in his phone.
i was left exhaling…
…but i wondered what this was and how can i have it?
was it a company thing,
was this an app?

i believe every professional,
or baller should know the importance of this.
people are evil.
they don’t care about hurting you.
putting your business out there.
writing books.
putting pics on blogs.
leaking your sex tape that you didn’t know was being filmed.
all kinds of shit.
why even go through the hassle?
you have to sign contracts when you start a new job.
white people move differently because they document EVERYTHING.
why shouldn’t you protect yourself baby?

x go here to download sign easy

read this first:

x past entry about non disclosure agreements

x download non disclosure agreement

they don’t want to sign,
then you don’t need to fuckin’ with them.
you can either use the one i provided or create one.
creating one is better because it is tailored to what you want/need.

lowkey: i think both parties should sign something.
you don’t want someone holding anything over your head.
also please read the details of the contract.
excitement with a hard dick is usually a disaster.
don’t sign anything without a thoro review.

6 thoughts on “Oh, I’ll Fuck Your Brains Out Whenever… After You Sign This Contract.

  1. Well, it would be interesting to see what court would uphold a non-disclosure agreement surrounding a one-time sexual liaison. It really would.

    My thinking, if I need to pull out a piece of paper to have someone SIGN, DATE and INITIAL before I decided to sleep with them, I probably shouldn’t even bother sleeping with them, no?

    What the hell do I need to protect that would require a trick to sign a document under threat of the law in order to sleep with me or said celebrity?

    1. ^ill answer since im up.

      this isn’t for a “one time sexual fling”.
      maybe I didn’t make that clear in the entry.
      i used sex as the frosting.
      im not signing a contract for a fuck.
      notice i said professionals.
      regular people can do what they please.
      even if I said something,
      it is still considered he/she say.
      this is for those who are in a position of power.
      those who may have something to lose.
      those who end up getting into relationships with regular people.
      again look at kerry rhodes.
      everyone signed something BUT peanut.

      when you are invited into “that world”,
      you see things.
      you start to know things.
      you learn secrets that will blow your mind.
      even sexual relations for more than two to three periods,
      things are said because a trust has started to become established.

      there is an r&b turned pop singer who won’t even let you into his world without signing that agreement.
      he won’t even give you the dick until you agree to his terms.
      the reason beyonce and jay have kept their life so under wraps is because they have everyone under contracts.
      those girls in destiny’s child can’t even write a tell all since they signed away that privilege.
      d and z list don’t think about that kinda shit.
      you think kris jenner kept all of her daughter’s ex boyfriends as a liability?
      they know too much.
      same with kanye and amber.
      she knows too much and could easily ruin him if that breakup was nasty.

      regardless whatever the situation is,
      this is a business.
      sadly when you have hoes,
      and bitter ex going on message boards and blogs with no direction than to destroy,
      you have to think about your protection.

      1. But what court would uphold a non-disclosure agreement surrounding a sexual relationship? Especially a brief one? It’s one thing if the contract surrounded employment such as a nanny or a bodyguard, but what Judge would hear such a case surrounding a sexual relationship that wasn’t a marriage?

        Like I asked, if you need to bring out contracts for people to sign before you sleep with them, you probably shouldn’t be sleeping with them, right?

        There’s an entire industry of people who know how to keep their mouths shut. Why not sleep with them?

  2. Actually really useful and had to forward this to some “important” friends. Thanks for this heads up.

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