Only For The Foxes With The Good Foxtail Are Allowed

everyone feels the got exceptional:


it’s life and sext conversations.
it isn’t until it’s time to have sex that you’ll find out.
a foxholer said that a nfl baller wolf allegedly has good foxtail.
it’s so good that allegedly everyone wants a piece,
but the problem is that he is stingy with it.
if you have good foxtail,
you shouldn’t be giving it to everyone.
would you give your expensive shit to just anyone to use?
you should feel that way about your butt cheeks.
well this wolf wants a warning about foxtail.
good foxtail.
he wants you to tell him in advance if its good.
an f-bi sent me this video that i had to share…

he makes a valid point even though he was annoying.
i always want my foxtail to give a wolf this reaction:

…but i feel that happens if the wolf has some kind of love for you.
i want him to feel like he entered another dimension inside me.
so what makes good foxtail?

perfect fit?

Do you have good foxtail?

watch everyone in the foxhole stand up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Only For The Foxes With The Good Foxtail Are Allowed”

  1. Whenever a guy tells me that he got the best tail around. The first thing comes to mind is.
    this guy will fuck anything that walks.
    for myself, I like to keep tight keep right.

  2. I’ve been following this wolf for awhile now and he’s a breath of fresh air. He really post some interesting videos that make you think. I like he fact that he proudly is attracted to effeminate men ( plus him being a cutie doesn’t hurt either).

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with being confident in your foxtail if you work hard at what you do lol

  3. The dude is a Dallas dude who is @twinkgod on the Gram. Welcome.

    I have been told that my shit is good. But its all relative though. I think it depends on the frequency that a fox has sex and the concentration they have on thier partner. If you have a partner you’re not into, it’s not gonna be good no matter what because you’re not there mentally. You also don’t wanna stretch out the anal cavity to the point where you can’t eat soup.

    It’s not up to a fox to say if their tail is good or not, its up to a wolf to confirm it. That’s the opinion that matters.

  4. Who is the wolf in the video I wouldn’t mind giving him my foxtail? He is fine with his thick sexy ass. I think if your hole is tight, clean, you know how to throw it back, that is major factors in having good foxtail. Question, do booty holes tighten back up once you stop taking big dick or do they still loose forever?

  5. All the things you mentioned make for good tail, but what makes me cum quick every time is a fox that is enjoys taking the pipe……. Whoooo nut EVERYWHERE!!!! Lol

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