The Disrespect That Is “Michael Jackson” Played By

they really like to play michael jackson,
don’t they?
the man is resting in perfect peace and here they go…
so there is a movie coming out called “urban myths”.
a snow wolf,
by the name of joseph fiennes,
is going to play michael.
it already starting out bad.
take a look at the trailer

a movie with michael jackson…
and hitler.
i have no words other than i won’t be watching.
aside from the disrespect,
it looks extra cheesy.

lowkey: i don’t know what’s worse.
that or flex alexander’s version.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “The Disrespect That Is “Michael Jackson” Played By”

  1. I think they did it right with that multiple hour Jackson family movie. They had brown people playing Michael even once his skin got lighter…… much lighter.

  2. I think Micheal is happy about who is playing him. He always wanted to be white and before someone brings up vitiligo, Terrence J and many others have it and I don’t see them bleaching their skin.

    1. That’s BS Michael often talked about how proud he was of being Black.He talked about how proud he was of being African.Read his last interview with Ebony magazine.He addressed that question about wanting to be white in Oprah interview where he said absolutely not.
      Regarding vitiligo ,do some research,many people with severe vitiligo bleach their skin.Read his autospy findings where it talks how extensive his vitiligo was.Obviously if it only affects 10-15 percent of your body like Terrance J you can spend an hour or so applying makeup.If it affects 50 -70 percent of your body it makes more sense to use creme to lighten the unaffected skin than to spend four or five hours a day applying make up to the affected skin.

      Also it makes no sense to compare how vitiligo was treated when MJ was diagnosed in the 1980s to how it is being treated for people that were diagnosed in the last decade or so.

      Regarding his plastic surgery it was obvious he hated his nose partly due to all the teasing from his father and brothers.He became addicted to plastic surgery like many people who hate their looks.
      Paris said he would be outraged having a white actor play him.She also said her godmother Liz Taylor wouldn’t approve of the film.It’s disrespectful but they are dead so you can’t defame a dead person.

  3. I have no problem with this screening which I presume is small screen and has an IFC feel. Now if it was big screen and they pulled a Zoe Saldana then it would be a problem and besides its a comedy which already seems funny to me. Wow, I never knew Flex played Micheal and he fits the role however I object to the pale skin they gave him looking like he was decease.

  4. the movie looks like trash.
    as a big MJ fan. I personally think its wrong on so many levels

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